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The History of Ram Jack®

Committed to High-Quality Foundation Repair Services

Steve GregoryThe history of the Gregory legacy begins with Bill Gregory. In 1968, Bill started a small pest control company in Ada, Ok, Gregory Pest Control. His son, Steven D. Gregory, took control of the family business in the ‘70s and later changed the name to Gregory Enterprises, Inc. Steve incorporated foundation repair into the pest control business with the major revenue stream coming from repairing settling foundations. The innovative Ram Jack System was later developed due to unreliable methods of foundation repair at the time. “We committed resources to the development of a viable system for stabilizing foundations and, as a result, the first Ram Jack steel pile was born.” The first of many patents filed began in 1985.

The carefully designed Ram Jack System offers a strong, reliable method for supporting residential and commercial foundations using unique brackets for driving piles and related foundation support products, manufactured from the finest grade American made steel.

The success of Ram Jack stems from a commitment to providing:

  • A “quality first” system for repairing foundations
  • Customer satisfaction

Engineers around the world have found Ram Jack’s methods and engineering offer versatility and reliability. Ram Jack has a staff of engineers who are dedicated to answer questions and provide assistance in solving foundation issues. Additionally, Ram Jack continues to innovate and has played an integral part in the construction of the largest solar field ever constructed. Ram Jack continues to offer strong reliable foundation solutions for projects relating to alternative energy.

Ram Jack products are developed, manufactured, and distributed from the Ram Jack Manufacturing/Distributing facilities also located in Ada, Oklahoma. Strict quality control standards, exact specifications, and unwavering installation guidelines ensure that the Ram Jack System and products have virtually no failure when properly installed.

In 1999, Ram Jack started building a network of highly competent dealers to offer the Ram Jack System through its affiliate, Ram Jack Systems Distribution. Today, there are over 50 dealers and franchisees nationwide as well as internationally who meet the needs of consumers, in both residential and commercial applications. From your house to the largest solar field in the world, Ram Jack’s commitment to “quality first” and customer satisfaction will keep Ram Jack at the forefront of the foundation repair industry.

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