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Pier & Beam Support

Pier and beam foundations are also known as post and beam systems. Homes with pier and beam foundations are built with a crawl space. During construction, piers are sunk into the ground with a concrete base. Beams are then added to this pier system to support the joists and flooring of the home.

Foundation Problems with Pier & Beam

Pier and beam foundations have a tendency to deteriorate over time. As homes settle, shift, and breath, the individual piers can move at slightly different rates. Extreme periods of rain and drought can cause individual supports to heave or settle. These shifting soils can result in minor problems or result in a complete failure of the entire pier and beam system.

Pier & Beam Failure

Signs that a pier and beam foundation is failing include cracks in drywall, sinking or heaving floors, cracked floor tiles, cracked countertops, and more.

Ram Jack foundation repair has a variety of solutions to repair pier and beam settlement. Our Ram Jack consultants will evaluate your home and offer affordable solutions to stop future damage. Below are just a few of the common repair services we offer for Pier and Beam foundations.

  • Crawlspace Helicals

  • Interior Floor Helicals

  • Screw Jack Bracket System

  • Girder and Beam Repair

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