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Selling a House

February 14, 2013
Author: idsellaine

There are many different factors that are important when it comes to preparing a home to be put on the market. Before selling a house, you  must prepare the inside and outside of the home to make a successful, quick sale. The first thing in preparing the home is to remove clutter. You need as much open clear space as possible. It’s also a good idea to box up things from the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen and put them in storage. When potential buyers come to look at the house, they always open cabinets and drawers to see how much storage space is in the home.

Make sure there are no plumbing leaks in the house. Check for water stains in all the ceilings. If there are any plumbing problems, you will need to get those fixed before selling the home. If there are any water stains left after the repairs, you should paint over them. Painting is an inexpensive way to make the house look newer. If you are going to paint, be sure to pick colors that would appeal to most people.

When preparing your house to sell, you want to make sure it has curb appeal. A buyer’s first impression of a home is when they pull up in front of the house. You want to make sure the lawn looks good as well as the home. The lawn should be evenly cut without any brown spots. Planting colorful flowers is a good way to create curb appeal. Painting may also be necessary to the outside of the house.

If the house has foundation problems, you don’t necessarily have to fix them before selling the home but you must disclose the information to the potential buyers. If the foundation isn’t repaired, the cost of the home must be reduced to sell it. A buyer’s lender may not approve their mortgage if the house has foundation issues. The easiest way to sell the home would be to fix the foundation issues before putting it on the market. You may also get more than expected for the house if the issues are corrected before selling.