Ram Jack Distribution, LLC

Another Happy Customer

March 4, 2013
Author: idsellaine

Our Ram Jack dealership in Durham, North Carolina opened in September 1998 by Rick Sykes. Sykes started in the waterproofing business over 20 years ago. As he was digging up homes that had experienced water in the crawl space and/or basement, Sykes noticed cracks in the foundations and footers. Not knowing the proper method to repair these, Sykes started doing some research with various Geo-tech engineers. He found a method for repairing the footers; however, it was very messy and he was limited when it came to making adjustments. After several years of repairing foundations, Sykes was contacted by someone affiliated Ram Jack. Sykes knew that Ram Jack had a better solution for foundation repair so he decided to open a Ram Jack dealership in his area.

Since then, the NC Ram Jack has been committed to providing its customers with the best foundation solutions. The NC Ram Jack is a family-owned business, who understands the value of family and the role that a safe home plays in a family. They make it a priority to treat every customer’s home as if it were their own family’s home.

The NC Ram Jack received this letter from another happy customer:

“When you are young, you often talk about the kind of car you are going to drive, or the house you are going to build when you grow up. However, I have never heard anybody say “Now, when I grow up and my house starts sinking into the ground, this is the company that I’m going to use”.

So, when that actually happened to me, I was totally unprepared. Now, you can research the various techniques used to fix this problem but no amount of research is going to tell you how you will be treated in the process. I knew I needed to find people that would be kind, patient and perhaps, above all, honest. That is exactly what I found in everyone associated with Ram Jack.

When the first person came to the door, I said to him, “Please don’t look at this as a house that is ‘literally’ falling down. Look at it as our home that we love”. That is exactly what they did. The work crew did an amazing job in a very timely manner and when they finished, things were cleaner than when they started. Believe it or not, when they gave me the bill it was exactly the same amount as the estimate I had been given – imagine that! No surprise hidden cost!

I would just like to say thank you to the whole Ram Jack family for being so good to my family – and a special thank you to the work crew for saving our home.”

Gail D.