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Case Study Series | Custom Solutions

Case Study Series | Custom Solutions

November 2, 2016
Author: idsellaine

No matter how much you try to control things, life will often throw the unexpected your way. When it comes to foundation repair, the same concept is true. Since every situation is different, and there are an indefinite amount of factors to consider, sometimes the approach to repairing a foundation has to change. That is why Ram Jack offers custom support solutions.

PUTTING THE SPIN ON SUPPORT Case Study Series: Custom Solutions - Windspire Wind Turbine Project

As one of the leading, newer technological companies in wind power, Windspire approached Ram Jack Residential Solutions, LLC. with a problem. Windspire’s 30-foot turbines, though able to use wind from all directions, needed a solid foundation in order to both comply with regulations and remain stable through intense weather conditions. The problem? Windspire’s normal method of stabilizing their turbines consisted of concrete piers, a process involving a lot of inconvenience and time, as the piers had to cure for several days after installation. Although this had worked in times past, Windspire wanted a more efficient and cost-effective solution, so they contacted Ram Jack. Since the situation called for a unique solution, the engineering department at Ram Jack custom-designed helical piles 8-5/8″ in diameter to use to sustain the turbines. The custom-designed helical piles would allow the turbines to resist winds up to 130 miles per hour. In all, Windspire was pleased with Ram Jack’s willingness to provide a flexible solution.

The Auto Response to Retrofitting Case Study Series: Custom Solutions - Custom Micro Pile Project

Built in 1979, the General Motors warehouse – used as a distribution center – allowed both large trucks and trains to come in and deliver auto parts. In 2015, more truck entrances were planned as additions, and thus seismic retrofitting was necessary. In order for these new additions to be correctly installed, high loads needed to be accounted for in both compression and tension. So, General Motors contacted VersaGrade, Inc. to design the best solution to their retrofitting needs. VersaGrade, Inc. was asked to use custom micro pile brackets alongside Contech Micro Piles, so the engineering department at Ram Jack got to work. The goal was to create a micro pile bracket capable of an allowable kip capacity of 35. Since there were no footings in some places, the brackets also had to be strong enough on their own. Ram Jack designed the custom bracket that would securely attach the piles to the tilt-up wall panels. Using Ram Jack’s new product, 14 micro piles were successfully installed to sustain the new warehouse additions.