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Case Study Series | Mid & New Construction

If you were to say mid or new construction structures are susceptible to foundation settlement, most would find it hard to believe. In fact, one of the most humbly aspiring times of any home or business is the construction process. When plans are drawn, and budgets are established, it seems the only thing left to worry about is the actual construction of the structure itself. But depending on certain factors, mid and new construction structures can become victims to foundation settlement. In the case of such an event, Ram Jack is equipped to help.

Mid-Construction ProblemsLarge house in wooded area being built

Foundation settlement is generally thought only to affect older homes. Thus, when a homeowner in Mountain City, Tennessee began to notice mid-construction settlement issues, they knew something was quite wrong. Two large cracks became visible, starting from the basement wall footings and going up to the first floor level. Afraid of the rapidly growing problems, the homeowner contacted Ram Jack Eastern Tennessee to come take a look. After determining the extent of the damages, Ram Jack proposed installing driven piles with support brackets to sustain and prevent further damage of the back wall. Without any hitches, Ram Jack was able to install a total of 10 driven piles to a depth average of 28 ft. all within a single day. The fast and effective support method allowed the construction process to be interrupted minimally.

New Construction ProblemsConstruction on house foundation

When the construction of a new Missouri Strip Mall was halted by improperly compacted soils, the construction company knew that something had to be done. If the soils were not compacted, the future mall buildings would be built on unreliable soils that could shift and eventually collapse. Thus, needing to address the problem, the construction company contacted Ram Jack Tennessee. Agreeing with the structural engineer’s proposal plan, Ram Jack installed a total 143 construction helical piles. In a little over a day’s time, Ram Jack installed all 143 helical piles to an average depth of 20 ft. In addition, Ram Jack’s installations poses little inconvenience to the building process, as the construction crews were able to work alongside Ram Jack.