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Case Studies Settlement During Construction

You might think that foundation settlement is only a problem with older homes. After all, it takes time for the soil under a home to move, which seemingly makes it less probable with newly constructed structures. And while shifting ground may be the most obvious culprit when it comes to foundation settlement, this doesn’t mean that new buildings are insusceptible to foundation issues, as was the case with a beautiful home in Mountain City, Tennessee. The residence had foundation settlement problems while still under construction.

Situation: During construction, this two-story mountain home began to show signs of foundation distress. Two large cracks quickly grew from the base of the footing in the basement all the way up through the concrete masonry unit (CMU) block wall to the sill plate on the first floor. The home, which was being built into the hillside, was already settling, compromising its structural integrity. The homeowner contacted Ram Jack Eastern Tennessee to support the home.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack proposed using 10 driven piles driven along with support brackets to support the cracked, rear wall. This would provide the structure with much needed support while preventing further foundation damage.

Outcome: In only one day, Ram Jack Eastern Tennessee installed (10) 2 7⁄8” driven piles to an average depth of 28 ft. This solution not only provided the structure with the support it needed and ensured its structural integrity, but it also allowed for continued construction with minimal delay.

Download the full case study in pdf format