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  • Cherry Knolls Shopping Center Driven Pile Deep Foundation Remodel

    PROBLEM The Cherry Knolls Shopping Center, a prominent retail hub, underwent a substantial renovation to make room for new vendors. During the course of the renovation, an alarming revelation came to the fore: the former occupant, a dry cleaning ...

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  • Alaskan Home Lifted 18 in. to Maximum Practical Recovery

    DRIVEN PILES SUPPORT SUNKEN ALASKAN FOUNDATION ANCHORAGE, ALASKA As with many locations in Alaska, Ketchikan boasts scenic surroundings as it’s situated along the Inside Passage, a cruise route well-traveled. Having a home in this charming setting ...

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  • Union County Vocational Schools

    Situation : The existing school was built slab-on-grade. The architect’s new design called for an addition with a full depth basement 15 feet deeper than the original structure. This would in the end require that a three-foot wall be extended 15 ...

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  • Rabobank

    Situation : In the early spring of 2007, Scott Kremke and Ram Jack of California were contacted for a bid on the repairs needed on a Rabobank property in Calexico, California. The bank building had a large crack across the floor, and the windows and ...

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  • Field Brook Apartments

    Situation : Jim Roberson, Ram Jack in Dallas/Fort Worth was originally called in to inspect a three-story apartment structure in October 2005. At that time, the building had settled four and one-half inches on one end. Jim noted large cracks in the ...

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  • La Verkin Apartments - Structure Support

    As a property manager for multiple units, repairs are never welcome. But fixing multiple repairs at once is always an ideal course of action. Severe damage due to foundation settlement was one issue for The La Verkin Apartments in La Verkin, Utah, ...

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  • Settlement During Construction

    You might think that foundation settlement is only a problem with older homes. After all, it takes time for the soil under a home to move, which seemingly makes it less probable with newly constructed structures. And while shifting ground may be the ...

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  • Root System Foundation Damage

    Introduction: While gorgeous landscaping and mature trees look beautiful, provide shade, and add value to a home, their subsurface root systems may cause damage to the home’s foundation. Oftentimes, such damage occurs silently, leaving the homeowner ...

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