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Case Studies Root System Foundation Damage

Introduction: While gorgeous landscaping and mature trees look beautiful, provide shade, and add value to a home, their subsurface root systems may cause damage to the home’s foundation. Oftentimes, such damage occurs silently, leaving the homeowner unaware of a growing problem until symptoms appear above the ground. The owner of a beautiful, single-story, ranch-style home settled on a hill in suburban Simpsonville, South Carolina, contacted Ram Jack after noticing a large stair-step crack in the mortar lines of the brick in the rear left-corner of her home’s exterior.

Situation: An inspection by a Ram Jack professional confirmed the homeowner’s concerns, revealing the back, left corner of the home was falling away from the main structure due to underlying foundation settlement. A 1 in. crack that was nearly 2 ft. long followed the mortar line of the brick, and the problem had become so severe that some of the brick was nearly falling off of the exterior wall. In order to repair the falling walls, restore the integrity of the structure, and prevent further damage, additional foundation support would be needed as soon as possible.

Proposed Solution: The professional Ram Jack inspector proposed three driven piles be used to support the corner of the home and lift the sagging structure. Due to shallow footings, low profile brackets would be needed to prevent the repair materials from being visible after the repair was complete.

Outcome: Ram Jack South Carolina’s highly trained crew quickly got to work installing three driven exterior perimeter piles. However, before they were able to do so, they encountered an extensive root system in the area of installation. One particularly large root had even attached itself to the foundation of the home, wreaking havoc on the foundation and structure itself. In order to ensure that the repair was done properly and provided a permanent solution, the crew took its time in diligently removing the roots from the area. Eventually, they installed three piles to an average depth of 42 ft., lifting the foundation 1 in. for a complete recovery of the damaged structure and full closure of the cracks in the brick wall. The work was completed in only one day. After the work was done, the home was supported and the wall appeared nearly new, providing the homeowner with peace of mind, a lasting repair, and a cosmetically restored house. She was completely satisfied with the work, and she stated that she would recommend Ram Jack South Carolina to anyone in need of a foundation repair.