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Cherry Knolls Shopping Center Driven Pile Deep Foundation Remodel

Case Studies

The Cherry Knolls Shopping Center, a prominent retail hub, underwent a substantial renovation to make room for new vendors. During the course of the renovation, an alarming revelation came to the fore: the former occupant, a dry cleaning establishment, had been recklessly disposing of hazardous chemicals down a drainage system, resulting in soil contamination around an interior shared wall. In response, the shopping center's management engaged Straight Line Construction, recognized for their proficiency in foundational remediation, and Fortified Engineering Solutions. Offering expertise in environmental assessments was Sundance Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Fortified Engineering Solutions meticulously devised a repair plan incorporating (21) Ram Jack driven piers. These piers were strategically spaced at 5-foot intervals and arranged in an alternating pattern on both sides of the wall. Each pier featured an external sleeve, carefully integrated to enhance lateral stiffness and enable efficient soil removal, addressing the contamination issue directly. Following the successful removal of the hazardous soil, the foundation was reinforced using a technique known as concrete flow-fill. This involved applying a flowable concrete mixture to encapsulate the pier shafts, thereby augmenting structural stability and integrity. Uncontaminated fill soil was then imported and compacted. This process ensured the preparedness of the restored area for its intended use within the shopping center, while adhering to technical specifications and standards.

The project encountered challenges due to the constraints of working indoors, soil contamination, and the presence of a neighboring restaurant. Straight Line's skilled team swiftly adapted. Air handlers, alongside monitoring equipment, were supplied by the general contractor. Straight Line Construction effectively installed the 21 driven piers, with depths ranging from 42 to 49 feet. Through innovative problem-solving and proactive strategies, both Straight Line Construction and Fortified Engineering Solutions executed a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution. This approach obviated the need for structural demolition and landfill disposal. The successful project completion facilitated the remediation of the contaminated soil while efficiently reducing construction costs.

Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2023
Foundation Type: Slab
Product: Driven
Pile Diameter: 2 7/8"

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