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  • Basement Wall Recovery

    From 1920-1960, basements were standard in most homes in Reno, Nevada. Not only did they provide ample storage for dry goods, food, and coal, but they also added a layer of protection for structures built on the highly expansive soils.

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  • Union County Vocational Schools

    Situation : The existing school was built slab-on-grade. The architect’s new design called for an addition with a full depth basement 15 feet deeper than the original structure. This would in the end require that a three-foot wall be extended 15 ...

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  • Patio and Deck Recovery

    Nestled on the Saluda River in Leesville, South Carolina stands a home with a beautiful view. Not only do the basement- level back porch and main-level rear deck overlook the river, but the view of the home from the water reveals a gorgeous abode ...

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  • Settlement During Construction

    You might think that foundation settlement is only a problem with older homes. After all, it takes time for the soil under a home to move, which seemingly makes it less probable with newly constructed structures. And while shifting ground may be the ...

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  • Settling of Unsupported Foundation

    Introduction: Sometimes a simple home project or repair can turn into something much more complicated. Such was the case with a home in Joanna, South Carolina. The homeowner was excavating the area around his home prior to building an additional ...

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  • Fairfield County Municipal Courthouse Supported by Ram Jack Helical Piles

    LANCASTER, OH INTRODUCTION In the city of Lancaster, Ohio, the Fairfield County Municipal Courthouse has been standing since the 1800s. With planned renovations as well as new additions to the structure, the experts at B-Level, LTD. were called in to ...

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  • Racked Foundation

    Having a street sweeper truck crash into your home sounds like a bad dream; however, for the owner of a residence in Birmingham, Alabama, it was reality. Situation: The street sweeper penetrated an exterior wall, causing cracks to form in the brick ...

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  • Mt. Carmel

    Situation: The Mt. Carmel Health, Wellness, and Community Center development included a number of exciting engineering and construction challenges. The project entailed constructing a basement link addition between the Mt. Carmel Church and the ...

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