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Case Studies Racked Foundation

Having a street sweeper truck crash into your home sounds like a bad dream; however, for the owner of a residence in Birmingham, Alabama, it was reality.

Situation: The street sweeper penetrated an exterior wall, causing cracks to form in the brick as well as causing foundation damage. The foundation racked in the direction of the impact. The home was in need of extensive repair.

Proposed Solution: Alabama Ram Jack proposed excavating the area prior to installing steel helical tie-back anchors and helical piles to vertically support the foundation. Carbon Kevlar strengthening straps would be used to remedy the inward bowing in the foundation.

Outcome: When finished, four interior helical tie-back anchors with helical tie-back wall brackets and nine exterior piles were installed. These strategically placed piles allowed support of the structure while straightening the leaning foundation walls.

Download the full case study in pdf format