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Case Studies Patio and Deck Recovery

Nestled on the Saluda River in Leesville, South Carolina stands a home with a beautiful view. Not only do the basement- level back porch and main-level rear deck overlook the river, but the view of the home from the water reveals a gorgeous abode complete with floor-to-ceiling windows and a timeless waterfront facade. When the back porch and elevated deck began to settle, the homeowner called Ram Jack South Carolina to help.

The Situation: The home with a view sits on a 45-degree angled lot. Over time the concrete patio on the basement level began to settle. When originally built, it was installed without footings, making it especially susceptible to damage. As it settled, the porch above settled with it, creating an uneven deck on the main floor. In some areas, the deck and home structure supported by the patio sunk nearly 3 in., and a 12 ft. post supporting the A-frame roof dislodged.

Proposed Solution: After an initial evaluation and assessment of the structure, Ram Jack South Carolina proposed using 10 helical piles along the perimeter of the concrete slab and the load-bearing column footings for the deck and roof to lift sinking areas, to add much needed support for the deck and structure above. The proposed solution would improve the cosmetic appearance, stability, and safety of the stunning home.

Outcome: In only one day, Ram Jack South Carolina installed (10) 2 7⁄8” helical piles with standard or low profile brackets (as needed) to an average depth of 9.5 ft. The helical piles were used to lift the slab.

Download the full case study in pdf format