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Case Study Series | Helping the Community

Case Study Series | Helping the Community

March 6, 2017
Author: idsellaine

Communities can do pretty impressive things. But every now and then, a little bit of outside help is needed. Over the last several years, Ram Jack has done just that – stepped in to help communities when they needed it the most.


When women in Northern Nevada need help with addiction recovery, they turn to Step 2. When Step 2 needed help creating a stable foundation for an expansion project, they turned to VersaGrade, Inc. Wanting to add more beds for possible members, Step 2 began their extensive expansion project.  After discovering the inferior soil conditions though, they realized a strong support system was crucial. Enter VersaGrade,

VersaGrade, Inc. proposed installing both helical and micro piles to sustain the two soon-to-be living facilities. In all, Ram Jack installed 157 vertical piles and 36 angled piles, creating a stable foundation on which for Step 2 to build.


Water is crucial to every community. Clean water, especially. So, when part of the Lugoff Water Treatment Plant in Carolina was threatened by settlement, owners knew something had to be done. The problem was with a settled Control Cabinet.  Having sunk 5”, the damaged Cabinet was threatening treatment operations. Thus, owners contacted Ram Jack South Carolina.

Although originally proposing 3 helical piles to lift and sustain the Cabinet, plans had to change, slightly. In all, Ram Jack installed 2 helical piles and 1 driven pile. The piles successfully stabilized the Cabinet, ensuring the plant could continue providing water to the community.


Bridges connect places together, giving people easy transport over otherwise difficult terrain. That’s exactly what the bridge at Willow Creek Apartments was doing. Acting as the connector of two apartment complexes, the bridge was crucial to everyday life. So, when its integrity was threatened due to settling, officials knew repairs had to be made, and soon.

Due to soil erosion over time, the bridge’s support system needed to be replaced. That is where Ram Jack South Carolina came in. Using 32 helical piles and 2 Flange Beams, Ram Jack successfully stabilized and repaired the bridge. This both increased safety and allowed the bridge to continue serving the local community.