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Push or Press Piles are Only Temporary

Push or Press Piles are Only Temporary

August 9, 2013
Author: idsellaine

A common type of foundation repair is the push or press pile. These concrete piles are ineffective and only a temporary fix. Push or press piles are cylindrical pieces of concrete about 6” x 12” that are pressed into the soil under the foundation beams using a hydraulic jack. The jack uses the weight of the house to press the piles until they have reached hard soil. That’s when the jack starts lifting the foundation of the home. Since these piles don’t act as one piece and aren’t deep enough, this form of foundation repair won’t last. The push or press piles are surrounded by bad soil and the same heaving and settlement that took place on the foundation can also affect the piles.

Concrete Press PileConcrete Press Pile