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The Ram Jack Difference

August 16, 2019
Author: idsellaine

It’s important to note that at home or your place of business, one of the most important things is the base below your feet. No matter the situation, a building isn’t as stable when there’s an issue that stems from the bottom up. In considering this for both residential and commercial applications, a fix is always necessary when something significant like this goes wrong. Ram Jack, a nationwide foundation repair solution, aims to eliminate the worries associated with structural issues. See how we make a difference below!


Ram Jack is committed to providing a solution for buildings that stretches far beyond the capabilities of other claimed solutions. Our resources, team, and combined experience have allowed us to file over 20 patents, with a dozen of these already owned by us. It’s here where our technology shines above the rest and allows our brand to stand out among the crowd as it relates to coming up with a solution for all buildings and soil types.

Resource For All

It’s no secret that Ram Jack stands by everything created under their name — and for a good reason! When engineers look for job solutions, we strive to provide everything they need, from design software to documents outlining our ICC-ES reports, building code criteria, and so much more. In addition to being an online encyclopedia for engineers, we offer Lunch & Learn seminars for a hands-on approach to learning more about our helical and driven pile systems, as well as other residential and commercial applications.

History of Quality

Applying quality within a product, has been the Ram Jack motto and a trait to live by. When there was a gap in the market for quality foundation repair, Steven D. Gregory stepped up to the plate and propelled his father’s original business into a category far different than the pest control roots in which it began. From that moment on, Ram Jack would become known for the quality applications in foundation repair. Today, Ram Jack operates with the same values — and with a little help with modern technology, has become a leading force in the foundation industry.

Ram Jack has been effectively providing foundation support to homes and businesses across the country for over 40 years. We have proudly filed over 20 patents to supplement both our technology and our work, and we continue to innovate each and every day. We pride ourselves on finding the solution best fit for your projects, and always have quality and safety top of mind. To learn more about how you can locate a Ram Jack contractor near you, visit us here or call us directly at (888) 330-2597">(888) 330-2597