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Foundation Issues Not Seen By The Naked Eye

Foundation Issues Not Seen By The Naked Eye

August 16, 2019
Author: idsellaine

It’s normal for someone not to notice a foundation issue the minute it happens — mainly because in many cases, these issues occur over time, and aren’t as noticeable as something like water or fire damage. With this in mind, it’s important to familiarize yourself, whether as a home or business owner, of the things that can be signs of imminent threats to your building. Below are a few issues you may be encountering, that usually remain unseen by the naked eye.


It’s common for a door to at some point, begin to loosen from the hinge, sag, or make contact with the frame as it’s being opened or closed. Over time, these things can become pesky, but they’re typically not noticed immediately.. However, in a situation like this, you may be looking at an issue with the foundation. A large gradient over an area of 10-15 feet is a cause for concern.


It’s no secret that brittle tile and brittle wood can crack under pressure, but the normal flexing of a floor shouldn’t result in more than one or two of these happening over time. A floor that shifts due to a poor or failing foundation can be the root cause of these cracks, which can be a significant issue. Make sure to have this area carefully inspected by a professional if you see this happening.

Rogue Nails

Have you ever seen a nail poking out of a piece of wood and wondered how it happened? Too much movement and flex can cause walls to break away from not only the foundation but the entire structure itself, causing collapse. If this is happening to you, make sure you call someone immediately.

Cracks Anywhere

It’s safe to assume that cracks didn’t come preinstalled on walls and the foundation when your home was built. Should these appear anywhere, it’s essential to have someone called immediately to make sure to assess and remedy as soon as possible.

Of course, not all of these things point to a foundation issue, but in today’s market, it’s much better to make the call and be safe, rather than sorry.Ram Jack has been effectively providing foundation support to homes and businesses across the country for over 40 years. We have proudly filed over 20 patents to supplement both our technology and our work, and we continue to innovate every day. We pride ourselves on finding the solution best fit for your building, and always have quality and safety top of mind. To learn more about how you can locate a Ram Jack contractor near you,visit us here or call us directly at (888) 330-2597">(888) 330-2597