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Engineering Resources

August 16, 2019
Author: idsellaine

Engineers are responsible for an immense amount of research and development, as well as quality when it comes to the final product associated with work. At Ram Jack, we’re no stranger to working with local engineers who are interested in learning more about who we are, and what solutions we can offer for their projects. Our seemingly never-ending list of resources available to engineers is available 24/7, with added bonuses as well! See what we’ve prepared for engineers nationwide and the differentiating ways it can help.


With larger, taller, and more extravagant buildings being built daily, Ram Jack understands that safety is a top priority. In relation to commercial applications, our team has compiled everything one may need in order to properly assess and complete the job. We’re happy to provide comparison documents outlining the differences between helical and concrete, as well as multiple pile drawings for many different applications — also available in both .pdf and .dwg files.

Building Code & Software

Depending on the location in which you operate, there are stark differences in the things you can and cannot do as an engineer. In addition to public information, we’ve personally compiled areas and links that outline the various building codes, reports, and other necessary information accessible right on our site. Design software is also available. This database is focused on professional software, the storage of your projects, and most importantly, the ease of use for engineers. Our engineers had heavy involvement in the creation of our software to ensure that it was designed with you in mind — because you are just as important as the product it represents.

If you or a team of engineers are interested in learning how Ram Jack can be applied in your area, or if you’re interested in how our products are used, feel free to request our FREE Lunch & Learn seminars.

Ram Jack has been effectively providing foundation support to homes and businesses across the country for over 40 years. We have proudly filed over 20 patents to supplement both our technology and our work, and we continue to innovate each and every day. We pride ourselves on finding the solution best fit for your projects, and always have quality and safety top of mind. To learn more about how you can locate a Ram Jack contractor near you, visit us here or call us directly at (888) 330-2597">(888) 330-2597.