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Questions to Ask Foundation Repair Companies

Questions to Ask Foundation Repair Companies

July 5, 2017
Author: idsellaine


1. How are your employees trained?

Ram Jack employee training includes both classroom and field training, at hire and ongoing throughout employment. All new employees must complete a written test as well as field testing before installing any Ram Jack piles. In addition to continuing education in the field, our employees attend Ram Jack University, a three-day intensive training experience, each year.

2. Do your employees have Workers Comp Insurance?

Ram Jack dealers/franchises are required by law to have workers compensation and general liability insurance.


3. How long have you been manufacturing your piles?

Ram Jack has been manufacturing our piles since 1980. With the introduction of our fourth generation of steel piles in 1989, we have experienced practically no pile failures.

4. How many types of foundation piles do you provide?

With over 150 standard products and the facility to design and manufacture custom products, Ram Jack can repair any foundation. Ram Jack’s products and designs are trusted by engineers for new construction and repair work.

5. Does your company hold any patents for their pile design?

Ram Jack has applied or held over 20 patents through the years. We currently own 12 patents for our foundation products. We continually invest in research and development to continue to lead the foundation repair industry in practical and efficient foundation repair methods.

6. Have your foundation piles been load-tested?

Ram Jack and its network of dealers and franchises do regular pile load tests for engineering firms in the United States, Canada, and Central America. Ram Jack was the first helical pile manufacturer to receive ICC-ES (International Code Council – Evaluation Services) recognition.

7. Do your piles have coating?

Ram Jack’s standard corrosion protection on all of its products consists of a thermoplastic polymer powder coating that is environmentally friendly.


8. Do you mark my home where you install the foundation piles?

Ram Jack does not mark your home; the location of each pile is documented on the installation records, including depth and pressure on each pile.

9. What is the failure rate of your pile?

Ram Jack has installed over 750,000 piles with less than 1% requiring adjustment.

10. Do you provide a warranty on your foundation piles?

Ram Jack dealers/franchises across the country may choose to take part in the Ram Jack Dealers Association National Warranty Trust to offer a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty. This Warranty Trust allows Ram Jack customers to have access to warranty repairs, if they should arise, regardless of the status of your installing Ram Jack dealer. That’s peace of mind.