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Ram Jack Completes Memphis Pyramid Project

Here’s the update from Michael Seebeck on Ram Jack’s completion of the Memphis Pyramid project…Ram Jack Team photo

On-Time and On-Budget!

From the Pyramid’s northwest corner (Q3), week number 4 began in the rain and concluded with hot bright blue SKYY! Meanwhile, as the Ram Jack of Tennessee installation team completed the installation of helical piers at Q3, Tri-State Iron Works began setting the Skirt panels (SW corner) resting upon the grade beam footings now stabilized by Ram Jack helicals.

We’d like to thank Darin Willis, P.E. Director of Engineering (seated) and Sam Rosenberk, Ph.D., E.I.T. (standing right) of Ram Jack Systems Distribution and Manufacturing for guidingCompleting job on the pyramid Ram Jack of Tennessee throughout this project, their staff and all the men and women behind the scenes that made this a successful project.

We are excited to be a part of this amazing project and we can’t wait to see the new Bass Pro Shops inside the pyramid this fall.