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Ram Jack Prepares to Elevate Homes after Hurricane Sandy

Ram Jack Prepares to Elevate Homes after Hurricane Sandy

June 13, 2013
Author: idsellaine

In March, Ram Jack sent Darin Willis (Director of Engineering) and Ivan Matthews (General Manager) along with two Dealers (Ricky Sykes and Scott MacKay) to visit the hurricane ravaged Jersey Shore. The purpose was to give informative presentations to the engineers and architects in the area illustrating different repair and lifting techniques. The first day five presentations were given along with visiting a few storm damaged structures to offer possible solutions.

On the second day two presentations and multiple site visits were made along with a class for future and present code officials. Immediately following the visit by the group, Scott McKay spent several days on the coast talking with other architects, engineers and homeowners. Ram Jack has developed a new timber piling bracket able to lift an entire house and the timber pilings using a unified lift system. The new design is composed of four different repair methods to work in several situations. Ram Jack of the Tri States will have a joint venture with Ram Jack North Carolina to begin the task of repairing structures on the New Jersey coast.

If you’re interested in learning more about the solutions for the east coast, click here to fill out a form and have a local Ram Jack representative contact you: Find a specialist