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Ram Jack of Tennessee Begins Work on Memphis Pyramid

Ram Jack of Tennessee Begins Work on Memphis Pyramid

May 8, 2013
Author: idsellaine

On April 29 Ram Jack of Tennessee deployed its premier pile installation crew to begin work on the Memphis pyramid and future home of retail giant Bass Pro Shops. Starting in quadrant #4 (NE corner) 16 triple helicals were driven an average depth of 58 ft. Dual backhoes and drive heads helped to speed up the installation process. However, debris in the top 8 ft. of soil made this area challenging, but nothing that would derail the spirits or determination of the men of Ram Jack.

From quadrant 4 they moved to quadrant #3 (NW corner) on Wednesday, May 1st. Immediately they discovered the sub strata soil difference from Q4 where the first 7 triple helicals went an average depth of 94 ft. Unfortunately, rain caused a shortened day Thursday and no work to proceed on Friday.