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Ram Jack Completes Second Week on Memphis Pyramid

Ram Jack Completes Second Week on Memphis Pyramid

May 13, 2013
Author: idsellaine

We just received the latest update on the Bass Pro project. Here’s the latest information directly from Ram Jack of Tennessee’s Michael Seebeck…

May is a very special time of the year in Memphis, Tennessee!

First, Ram Jack of TN has completed its second week at the Pyramid, installing helicals for the support of grade beam footings for the base tilt panels, and then… there’s Memphis in May.

According to wiki(1), “Memphis in May is a month-long festival held in Memphis, Tennessee. The festival itself is split into four main events: The Beale Street Music Festival, the kick-off event which showcases a mix of local and national music acts, International Week, a group of events dedicated to the country that is sponsored that year, The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, one of the most popular barbecue contests in the country, and the Sunset Symphony, a night of classical music This event will mark its 37th anniversary in May 2013.”

With all that aroma and music in the air you’d wonder how the men of Ram Jack do it. Well I could take all the credit and say my financial plan was well executed or that my project timeline hit all anticipated milestones but the truth of the matter is our gracious leader has given us all the tools to do and desire to do great work. Speaking of work, here’s a recap of week two:

Due to heavy rains following the weekend of 5/4/13, the RJTN team had to move around the corner and begin work in quadrant #2. To help expedite the installation, we brought in a larger Yanmar excavator to help in the excavation process and clearing the debris within the top 8 – 10 ft. of soils. In the photo to the left, Bart (foreground) and Marcus “focus intently” on driving piles while Bret (left) and Junior (right) add extensions. In the photo below, on the grade beam, Bret directs Bart as to correct angle needed during the installation process. All in all, with great weather we installed 66 helical piers.

In closing, I have a trivia challenge question for a Brass Pro Shops gift card. “Who performed the last and final concert in the Memphis, TN Pyramid?”

The gift card goes to the first person(2) to call with the correct answer. Call Michael Seebeck at 901-598-8608. Good luck!

1 – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memphis_in_May

2 – excludes Ram Jack Employees, Franchisees and their associates