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Surprise Visitor Helps Ram Jack Complete Week Three at the Memphis Pyramid

Here’s the latest update from Michael Seebeck on the Memphis Pyramid….

In an earlier blog, I mentioned Memphis’ tribute to designated countries during International Week, with Sweden in the spotlight this year.

While just a few blocks east, over in the FedEx Forum, Memphis played host to Oklahoma’s NBA Thunder. Many jubilant Thunder fans made the trip to Memphis to cheer on their team for Wednesday’s game 5. Recanting our daze on the Forum floor watching the Grizz and our own Grizz Girl, I cannot fathom the mayhem and excitement that flowed through the arena to take the series. I guess it’s true, “WE DON’T BLUFF.”(3)

If that wasn’t exciting eRam Jack of Tennessee crew works on Memphis Pyramid.nough… this week’s work began on the inside knee wall area associated with quadrant #2 (SW corner). Scott Young, Project Superintendent with Montgomery Martin, cleared the way by saw cutting a very large section of concrete at the base of the knee wall allowing the men of Ram Jack to drive ahead with helical pile installations. We anticipate another strong week of production with possible completion by…. Oh, I almost forgot to mention our special visitor on Tuesday 5/15.

One of Ada Oklahoma’s own, Josh Sanders from Ram Jack Corporate. Josh has almost a decade of experience with Ram Jack Distribution and Manufacturing and from first commanJosh Sanders and Michael Seebeck review project.d, he was complimentary, resourceful and the whole RJ Team are grateful for taking time to put into his schedule a visit to the pyramid.

With the threat of rain Thursday and Friday we hope to maintain momentum, finish on-time and under budget. As you can see here below, the mighty Mississippi River has already crested the Arkansas banks and running to the levees. We certainly hope not to see a flood like the experience last year.

Stay tuned, more to come and lastly, I am still looking for a winner to the trivia challenge question, “Who performed the last and final concert in the Memphis, TN Pyramid?”

A Bass Pro Shops gift card goes to the first person(3) to call with the correct answer. Call Mississippi River has already crested the Arkansas banks and running to the leveesMichael Seebeck at 901-598-8608. Good luck!

2 –

3 – Excludes Ram Jack Employees, Franchisees and their associates