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Property Managers: Maximize Profits with Cost-Effective Repairs

As a property manager, you manage funds during repair work in the most cost-effective manner to maximize profits. When faced with tenants submitting work orders for cracked drywall or complaining of windows that stick, at first glance it may seem like cosmetic issues but they could point to a larger issue underneath the structure: foundation failure.

Patching drywall or re-grouting brick won’t stop those same issues to reappear if foundation settlement is the culprit. Applying a quick fix or cheap repair will only cost you in the long-run. Ram Jack’s proven, engineered foundation systems use only high-quality American-made steel, designed to provide support for the life of the structure—not just a quick patch to cover the problem.

If you’re concerned about cracked drywall, sloping floors, or sticking windows and doors, contact your local Ram Jack foundation repair experts to perform an evaluation. You can rely on our in-house engineering team to design a solution that’s commercial-grade and built to last.

Don’t Do It Twice. Do It Right.

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Large crack in foundation

Multi-Unit Case Study

A structural engineering firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ran into problems with a nine-story condo building. Soil boring determined the presence of fill material beneath the foundation of the structure that was originally designed with concrete footings and steel columns. Outside view of building

Had the property merely received drywall patches and other cosmetic repairs, not only would the drywall eventually cracked again, the root cause of the issue would have continued to worsen. Ignoring foundation problems only makes the problem worse in the long-run.

Learn how Ram Jack was able to sustain the structure properly.