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Real Estate: Nothing Kills a Sale Faster Than Foundation Damage

Real Estate: Nothing Kills a Sale Faster Than Foundation Damage

May 8, 2018
Author: idsellaine

Let’s get real for a second. We know that selling a home with foundation damage can be daunting. It can also lower the price of the home. What if that didn’t have to be the case? What if having the right foundation repair not only saved a sale from doom, but could potentially increase the value of the home?

Ram Jack foundation repair systems are engineered to rifle down to load-bearing strata—something a concrete pile just can’t do. When you have a property repaired by Ram Jack, your homeowner, and YOU, have peace of mind knowing it’s backed by a transferable warranty. It’s a win-win for the seller and the new homeowner.

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Don’t Do It Twice. Do It Right.

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Ram Jack Restores Home from Previous Inferior Foundation Repair
Front view of house

A family home repaired 30 years ago by inferior methods began showing signs of foundation settlement—again. 

The bricks were both cracking and bowing away from the house. Previously, contractors thought that by removing the bowing bricks and pouring additional concrete on the footers would solve the problem. This method proved to be a temporary solution that could cost you the sale of the home. Read how Ram Jack provided a permanent solution with a transferable warranty backed by the National Warranty Trust.

Learn how Ram Jack was able to restore the foundation to maximum practical recovery.