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New Franchise in Southern California

New Franchise in Southern California

November 5, 2014
Author: idsellaine

Ram Jack sought and received tSouthern California franchise's territoryhe Los Angeles Research Report and Los Angeles Manufacturing Certificate in southern California. This allows us the ability to install our premium foundation repair products in this area. Due to the strict requirements placed on contractors and manufacturers, in conjunction with difficult engineering and permitting, there are few capable of even attempting to enter this market. This unfortunately left millions of housing units susceptible to foundation failure and inferior repair methods. Ram Jack SoCal to the rescue!

Ram Jack SoCal is rising to the challenge with Charles Huss and Tony Cubero at the helm. As general and electrical contractors in southern California, this team is familiar with the local process and is well networked within the community. Combined with our proven system and their exceptional experience, Ram Jack SoCal is poised for growth and success in southern California.