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Battery Backup Sump Pump: Your Saviour During Power Outages and Circuit Breaker Failures

Battery Backup Sump Pump: Your Saviour During Power Outages and Circuit Breaker Failures

November 5, 2023

When it comes to safeguarding your basement from potential flooding, have you ever wondered what could happen during a power outage or a circuit breaker failure? This is where a Battery Backup Sump Pump, an unsung hero in the world of home maintenance, gives you peace of mind, functioning effectively when the primary sump pump fails!

The Battery Backup Sump Pump works on DC power, making it uniquely poised to operate seamlessly during power outages or circuit breaker failures, thereby helping you avoid costly consequences of damages due to water. Let's delve a bit deeper into the world of this indispensable device.

But first, you might be asking, 'What exactly is a sump pump?' A sump pump, installed in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace, works with a simple goal: Keeping your space dry and free from flooding. They operate by redirecting excess water into a distant appropriate area such as a municipal storm drain or a dry well. Now, the vital aspect to note here is that these primary sump pumps are typically dependent upon your house's electricity. That's where the Battery Backup Sump Pump comes into play.

The Battery Backup Sump Pump is essentially a second pump that takes over should the power go out, the primary pump fails, the pump gets overwhelmed, or a circuit breaker trips. Running on DC power sourced from a battery, this pump provides an extra layer of protection, ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of the sump pump system in your home.

So, how does it work? The DC power battery-powered pump will sense the rising water level in the sump basin through a series of float switches. When the water level reaches a predetermined point due to power failure, excessive inflow, or primary pump failure, the backup system automatically triggers into action.

The battery power then ensures that the pump continues operation until normal power is restored or the water level decreases back to a safe level. The battery that runs these DC power sump pumps are rechargeable, ensuring it is primed to kick into action whenever necessary. Some sophisticated models even have a feature to alert homeowners if the battery is beginning to fail or needs replacing.

One of the immense benefits of incorporating a battery backup sump pump is its capacity to outlast most outages. Given that power failures often occur due to harsh weather conditions – likely the same conditions causing excessive water flow towards your sump pump – battery backup pumps prove to be invaluable, providing added insurance against the potential for unwanted water damage.

Additionally, let's not forget circuit breaker failure. Every homeowner knows that circuit breakers trip occasionally. While many devices in your home might weather a circuit breaker failure fine, your mainline sump pump might not be as resilient, particularly during heavy rain. Thus, having a battery backup sump pump proves to be a wise choice.

In conclusion, a Battery Backup Sump Pump is not a luxury—it's a necessity especially in flood-prone areas. The pump is your last line of defense against basement flooding, working tirelessly during power outages or circuit breaker failures. It doesn't just prevent inconvenient puddles in your basement, but it also shields you from more severe and expensive damages. Remember, to invest in a Battery Backup Sump Pump means to invest in the longevity of both your house's structure and peace of mind.