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How a Cold Climate Affects Foundations

How a Cold Climate Affects Foundations

December 18, 2019
Author: idsellaine

In many parts of the country, the changing of the seasons can significantly affect the overall climate that you and your home endure. Whether it is below-freezing temperatures or a scorching hot afternoon, everything around you is reacting differently. With winter on the way for many regions, it’s essential to know how it can affect the areas around your building, and ultimately, your foundation.


As temperatures start to fluctuate, there’s likely going to be a day where it warms up enough that snow and ice begin to melt into its previous, less sturdy form. Due to the nature of the temperature, your soil will be hard-pressed to be able to soak it all up, leaving some of it with nowhere to go. When your foundation has experienced settling or cracking, that water can find its way in and patiently wait for freezing temperatures again, where it can refreeze and cause even more issues down the line as the ice expands.

Frozen Ground

Freezing ground typically begins at the top layer, working down as cold temperatures persist over time. As the top layer freezes, it can force the top portion of a foundation to remain in place with no room to move -- and as it continues downward, the freezing soil can ultimately cause a foundation to heave, creating a gap at the bottom. When everything thaws out, you may have a shifted foundation to deal with or one which has seemingly settled at a rapid pace.

You Can’t Pour

Given the nature of what concrete is made up of and the weather, it is often difficult to obtain the right conditions to pour a proper foundation 100% of the time. While not all do, many people face difficulties when building a home or complex, resulting in months of waiting to pour the foundation. If you anticipate being on a tight timeline during the building process, you may want to search for someone willing to pour the foundation soon and who will stand behind their foundation’s integrity before you sign any contracts.

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