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Peace of Mind in Ohio: A Ram Jack Story

Peace of Mind in Ohio: A Ram Jack Story

February 27, 2019
Author: idsellaine

At Ram Jack, our mission is to provide peace of mind to homeowners through solutions that are built to last. We’d love to share a perspective from a valued client in Ohio:

“We have had issues with our nearly 100-year-old foundation/basement since moving into our home in 1992. Over the years we replaced all of the foundation drains and gutters, added carbon fiber to the walls for support, replaced the entire back wall and had concrete added to shore up part of the footer. Needless to say, none of those repairs solved the problem.

We were very stressed and deeply concerned about our home and its safety and at some point, whether or not it would be sellable given the obvious foundational and wall cracks. This stress had become part of daily life and a constant source of worry. We had spent so much time and energy not “solving” the problem over the years. We were deeply disappointed and quite skeptical about spending any more money or even trusting anyone to work on trying to “solve” the problem.

We heard the Ram Jack ads on WCPN and it sounded like the services were an exact match to address our long-standing issues with our foundation. It took a few months to work up the nerve to call, but eventually we did and we were pleasantly surprised by the response. Andrew came to the house within the week and did a thorough assessment and walk-through. He clearly outlined the problem and the proposed remedy. He guaranteed us that Ram Jack would solved the issues we had with our foundation. We researched the method online and concluded that we would trust Ram Jack to excavate and install six piers under our foundation.

Before work commenced, two other groups of foundation specialists from Ram Jack (including the owner, Skip) came to our home to inspect and verify what work would be done. We were very impressed with this thoroughness and preparation. Once actual ground was broken, my confidence in the method and Ram Jack grew exponentially. The work crew, led by Justin, was outstanding -- professional, knowledgeable, hard-working and considerate. Honestly, the best crew to ever have worked on our home. We were kept apprised of what was happening and why, and the work progressed smoothly over the course of four days.

The piers were installed, the house raised and we honestly do think that our problems have finally been resolved. We now look forward to spring so we can plant grass, landscape and replace the patio that we lost years ago. I just wish that we had contacted them sooner… what a relief to have this longstanding foundation problem finally solved.

We are very grateful to everyone at Ram Jack and would not hesitate to highly recommend them and their services to others.”

Welf and Rene S.

Strongsville, OH