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Effects of Expansive Soils

Effects of Expansive Soils

September 6, 2013
Author: idsellaine

Ever see those large cracks Expansive soils cause crack in the ground during dry weatherin the ground and wonder why they are there? How did this occur? Was there an earthquake? The answer is no. These cracks are caused by expansive soils. The soils are found throughout the United States and can cause significant damage to a structure’s foundation. During dry seasons, the expansive soils shrink causing these cracks to form and foundations to settle. These soils can also swell when there is excess moisture and cause upheaval of a structure. Settlement cracks in brick can be initial indicators of foundation settlement during a drought season. Other signs are identified by sloping floors, cracked sheetrock, and uneven doors.

Dry, expansive soil

As you can see from the photo below the expansive soils shown near Dallas, Texas show the magnitude of movement that can occur. If this crack were underneath your home or business the damage could be devastating. Ensuring proper support in these expansive soils is integral to maintaining your property.

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