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Top 5 Foundation Repair Solutions

Dealing with foundation damage can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to finding a dependable solution. The safety and stability of your building depend on making the right choice. Fortunately, Ram Jack® is here to help. With over four decades of experience in foundation repairs, we have effectively repaired thousands of foundation issues all across the United States. Let's explore some of the various foundation repair options available at Ram Jack.


Helical Pile System: Ideal for Sandy or Swampy Soils

The Helical Pile Advantage

Designed for Foundations Above Sandy or Swampy Soils

When your property's foundation sits atop sandy or swampy soils, the Helical Pile System emerges as a reliable choice. It provides the necessary support to keep your structure stable. Whether you have a large home or a lightweight structure like a gazebo in need of repair, this system is an intelligent choice that offers great results.

Deep-Driven Steel Pile System: Rocky and Clay Soil Expertise

The Strength of Deep-Driven Steel Piles

A Trusted Option for Foundations on Rocky or Clay Soils

For foundations resting on rocky or clay soils, the Deep-Driven Steel Pile System proves its worth. It's the go-to solution when support is paramount. This system offers unparalleled support and durability, ensuring your foundation remains secure.


Wall Tiebacks: Battling Hydrostatic Soil Pressure

Countering Hydrostatic Soil Pressure

Providing Necessary Support in High-Pressure Situations

When your foundation faces the challenges of hydrostatic soil pressure, Wall Tiebacks come to the rescue. This option provides the essential reinforcement to combat soil pressure effectively. Your foundation will stand strong, even in demanding conditions.


Carbon Fiber: Supporting Bowed Walls, Beams, and Columns

Strengthening with Carbon Fiber

Addressing Bowed Walls, Beams, and Columns

In some cases, bowed walls, beams, or columns require specialized attention. Ram Jack® utilizes the Carbon Fiber System to bolster these critical structural elements. This cutting-edge technology ensures that your property remains safe and sound.


Slab Brackets: Reinforcing Failing Concrete Slabs

Restoring Failing Concrete Slabs

Partnering with Helical Piles for Slab Support

When your concrete slabs are failing, our Slab Bracket system steps in to save the day. Typically used in conjunction with helical piles, this installation ensures the strong support of your concrete surfaces, preventing further damage.


When it comes to foundation repair, choosing the right solution is critical. At Ram Jack®, we understand that your foundation determines the very health of your home. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the foundation repair process. Don't let foundation damage ruin the value of your home. Schedule your foundation repairs today by calling (888) 330-2597">(888) 330-2597. You can trust Ram Jack® to provide you with permanent, affordable solutions for foundation repair.


Please note that the most suitable foundation repair option will depend on various factors including soil conditions and the specific nature of the damage. We highly recommend contacting Ram Jack® for a professional assessment and personalized solution. Not all services are available at every location, check with your local dealer for availability.