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Repairing Stone Foundations

Ram Jack New England is an RI Foundation Repair company that can repair just about any foundation. Stone foundation can either be cut granite, stacked slate or fieldstone. Each of these types of foundations is different and have unique situations may times.

It is important to call a foundation repair expert like Ram Jack New England. We are a local foundation repair company who understands what needs to be done to correctly repair a stone foundation.

Sometimes it is just a matter of repointing the mortar joints between the stones. Ram Jack New England crews are expertly trained to mix the right mortar mix with waterproofing additive and also a bonding agent to help it adhere to the stones.

Our crews are trained to be courteous and polite, treating your home and property with respect. They will clean up after themselves and leave the work area as clean as when they started the job.

We hand mix our mortar and protect your items in the basement by covering with plastic. We usually need a 3-foot minimum workspace from the basement walls. Items can usually remain in the basement or crawl space by moving them into the center of the basement.

Repointing your stone foundation can prevent further structural damage from happening as it strengthens the existing stones by locking them in.

Have a question regarding bowed wall repair or wall crack repair? Please ask a foundation repair from Ram Jack New England of RI today.

A clean white sealer can be applied to the walls if you want them bright and clean.

Some stone foundations may be deemed too bowed that more is needed to help support the walls. In some cases, sections of these walls may need to be replaced. It is important to determine why the stone wall foundation is failing. Most times it is because of surface water ponding against the outside of the wall. Sometimes it is caused by roof water dropping right along the outside of the wall. Gutters and downspouts should be installed to direct roof water at least ten feet from the foundation stone walls.

Trees growing too close to a stone foundation may cause structural damage. It is recommended not to have trees near the foundation wall. A good rule of thumb is to look at the tree branches and imagine that the tree roots are the same distance way from the tree trunk as the branches above are.

Another cause of a stone foundation failure is that the soils under the stone foundation cannot support the weight of the structure. When this is the case if the stone walls are cut granite we can sometimes use steel L channel and span each pile and bracket we put in. This will help support the stone foundation from further settlement. In cases where it is fieldstone foundation, we may have to dig out and install a concrete footing under the wall and then install our helical piles under this new footing.

Make an appointment with Ram Jack New England to learn about specific services we offer or start by calling (508) 232-4676.