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Supporting Post Installation & Replacement

Columns & Load Bearing Posts

A house usually has columns to support the beam span between the foundation walls. Sometimes these columns can fail to support the weight of the structure they were designed to hold.

WColumn installationhen this happens, our Project Manager can help by doing a visual inspection of the columns and taking elevations to determine how much the columns have settled. At Ram Jack New England, we can design a plan of repair to either help support an existing column or remove and replace it with a column that will be able to support the weight of the structure.

Schedule an Appointment Online or Give Us a Call at (508) 232-4676 for column installation and repair services in Wareham.

Helix Pile Installation

In most cases, the beam can be temporarily supported while we remove the failed column. Then we can install a helix pile into the soil until it supports the weight and then a 2′ x 2″ concrete pad can be installed right on top of the steel bracket. Once this concrete dries, we can then install a new column. The last thing would be to remove the temporary supports and transfer the weight to the new column.

Payment Plans Available for Column Installation

Sometimes our customers will be concerned about how they will afford to do such a necessary repair. With Ram Jack New England, you can arrange a payment plan that will fit your needs. With our Easy Pay Program, we even have payment plans to help you spread your payment over time with no added interest charges. We also provide helical pile installation for new construction.

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Work Conducted Through a Project Manager & Construction Supervisor

Once you decide to move forward with your concrete column repair, our Project Manager will arrange to obtain the necessary building permits and proceed with the scheduling of your job. Our crews are expertly trained in the repair and/or replacement of support columns.

We have a licensed Construction Supervisor on the job site while the work is being performed. Our crews are trained to be polite, courteous, and will pick up after themselves, leaving the job site as clean as (or better than) when they started.

Why should I hire a professional for column installation?

Hiring a professional at Ram Jack New England for column installation ensures that the job is done correctly and meets all safety standards. Professionals have the expertise and experience to assess the load-bearing requirements, determine the appropriate column design, and install it securely.

Nationally-Backed Lifetime Warranty on Column Foundation Repair

At Ram Jack New England, we provide a written, nationally-backed transferable lifetime warranty on the work we do. We even offer a free monitoring service where we will annually review the repair to make sure it is doing what it was designed to do.

Call (508) 232-4676 for column installation and repair in Wareham, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Get a Lifetime Warranty for Your Home's Foundation when you call.