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What To Do If Your Foundation Is Settling

Overview of Steps to Take

If you are experiencing a failed foundation it is vital that you take care of the problem sooner than later. A settling foundation will never get better by itself. Foundation problems tend to worsen with time, which can mean more extensive and costly repair down the road.

Make Sure to Start with a Free Inspection

The first thing you need to know is whether your home is experiencing normal settling or severe and irregular settling around the foundation. An inspection should be performed by professionals (like our team at Ram Jack New England) so that the severity of the issue can be properly diagnosed.

Once we receive your call we will schedule a free inspection. Our Project Manager is thoroughly trained to analyze if your foundation settling is problematic and (just as importantly) to determine why.

Our Project Manager will take elevations of your foundation, your basement slab and on each level of your home. Once he has recorded all this information, he will also take a multitude of photos. He will consult with a local engineer to help design a suitable foundation repair system.

Get in touch today at (508) 232-4676. You can also schedule an appointment online.

Understand The Difference Between Normal and Severe Settling

Basically, all homes experience a little settling as soil is compacted under a foundation. Many homes will experience a few inches of settlement in the years following initial construction. Severe settling however, will lead to foundation cracks and damage that requires repair for the home to remain safe for habitation.

Severe settling can happen due to extreme weather, lack of property drainage or poor soil conditions beneath the foundation. It can happen quickly, but most of the time it happens gradually over time. Monitoring your home’s movement is necessary if continued settlement appears to be taking place, but it has not yet been severe enough to cause alarm.

What Will an Inspector Look for?

The first thing an inspector may ask is whether you are seeing signs of foundation trouble around your home. They will want to know if you have had walls crack, windows sticking, or water in your basement. After this, they will inspect the cracks around your foundation. They will look for horizontal cracks and diagonal cracks. They will take measurements. Cracks wider than ¼ of an inch likely mean your foundation is in trouble.

Get a Free Written Estimate Before Works Begins

Once the inspection is complete, you should be sure to have the inspector provide you with a free written estimate and a plan of repair. When our team at Ram Jack provides written estimates and repair plans, we take the time to explain all the details to you. Once you make your decision to have the work done, we will arrange to obtain any necessary building permits needed to perform our job.

If you still have concerns, our team is always happy to answer any question you have about settling, wall crack repair and stabilization repair methods like helical pile installation.

Hire a Fully Trained, Friendly & Courteous Crew

Our workers are thoroughly trained to install all the various systems that Ram Jack New England has. They are continually trained at company, manufacturing and industry trainings designed to aid them in providing exceptional service. On the first day of the job, the project manager will arrange to do a complete walkthrough of the project so the crew chief fully understands the work to be done.

All of our members are trained to be courteous and polite, they clean up after themselves and leave the work area as clean as possible.

Stay Informed with Careful Records & Regular Updates

Staying well-informed is something you should expect from your foundation repair team.

At Ram Jack New England, our Project Manager will keep you informed of the progress of the job during the installation of our system. Once our job is completed we record all elevations, depths of piles and also the pressure readings. These are kept in your customer file in case we would even need to know what was done.

Work with a COmpany That Provides a Nationally-Backed Warranty Covering Labor & Materials

All our residential foundation settlement jobs are covered by our Nationally Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty. If you system ever needed further work under warranty all labor and materials would be at no cost to you.

Get a Yearly Free Visual Inspection

At Ram Jack New England we want you to have great peace of mind with our repair and that is why we offer a free visual inspection each year to assure your foundation is not showing signs of further settling. This is one of the reasons homeowners love working with our company.

For more information about a free estimate, free inspection, or our warranty, call (508) 232-4676 today.