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Warning Signs of a Failing Foundation

There are warning signs that a foundation is settling. These signs can help our Ram Jack New England Project Manager in designing a system for your Cape Cod Foundation Repair.

Signs of Foundation Problems

One of the first signs will be one or more foundation wall cracks. While these types of vertical cracks may simply be non-structural shrinkage cracks that are caused by the concrete curing, it is important to have an expert in foundation repair look at them.

Sometimes a foundation failure may cause cracks in the basement slab. Our Project Manager will do a visual inspection of these cracks and note them on his drawing. He will also take elevations of your foundation walls and basement or crawl space floor. These elevations will aid him to understand what is happening with your foundation. By doing these elevations he also has a starting point to compare future elevations to see if the foundation is still settling.

Doors that are difficult to open and close are a common problem that homeowners with a failing foundation. Usually, the space at the top of the door and the door frame will point like an arrow to the area that has settled.

Windows that are difficult to open and close are another sign of a potential failing foundation. Sometimes the settlement is so severe that windows will crack.

Our Project Manager will visually look on the upper levels of your home for cracks in sheetrock walls and or plaster cracks.

Sometimes what he will see in the attic can help him know what is going on with your foundation.

Cracks in tile floors may also be an indication of a structural foundation problem.

On the exterior of the home – cracks in brick mortar joints or chimneys leaning away from the house may be an indication of foundation settlement. Sometimes the siding of the house will show a bow which will happen when a foundation is settling.

The Foundation Repair experts at Ram Jack New England of Cape Cod can assist you with any questions regarding bowed wall repair or foundation solutions.

More Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Another warning sign is when you talk to a neighbor and find out they had the same problem in the past but had their foundation fixed.

Sinkholes are sometimes a sign of trash pits and could be a sign of a failing foundation to come. Looking around the foundation of the home, some signs one might see would be cracks that are in the foundation walls and also cracks in sidewalks, patios, porches and garage floors.

Look at the landscaping around the home. Has it settled and now it is pitched toward the foundation? Is there signs of soil erosion or sometimes called washouts around the home?

Having one or more of these warning signs doesn’t mean your foundation is settling. It is important to have our expertly trained Project Manager look at it and report what he finds.

Make an appointment with Ram Jack New England if you are seeing evidence of foundation problems. You can also reach us immediately at (508) 232-4676.

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