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Wareham Leaning Chimney Repair

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Brick Chimney

The weight of a chimney can sometimes cause the footing that the chimney is sitting on to settle. When this happens, most times the chimney will rotate out away from the house at the top of the house.

This problem can easily be solved by installing several deep driven piles to bedrock or load-bearing soils. Chair brackets are placed under the chimney foundation and attached by steel bolts.

To learn more about leaning chimney repair in Wareham, reach out to us at (508) 232-4676 or contact us online today!

Our Project Manager will review the problem and design a plan of repair, along with an estimate of costs. Once you decide to move forward, he will take care of any permits and schedule one of our experienced crews to prep the job and get started on the leaning chimney repair. Our crews at Ram Jack New England are courteous, polite and experts at what they do. All are covered by workers compensation insurance.

Fireplace Separating From Wall

If your chimney is leaning, sometimes you’ll be able to see your fireplace separating from the inside as well. Cracks or gaps around the fireplace may be the first thing homeowners notice, because the exterior of your house is easier to overlook. However, once these fireplace issues are spotted, you should take a look at the chimney outside and see if you can see it pulling away. This is a sure sign of foundation trouble and more than just a fireplace concern.

Be wary of any quick fixes for resealing fireplaces. These might temporarily help your home aesthetic, but it will just crack in the long term, and the underlying issues will go ignored.

Our Masonry Chimney Repairs & Services

While we would love to say that all chimneys will rotate right back, sometimes debris like brick and wood might not allow for complete recovery. We, at Ram Jack New England, will work at stabilizing your chimney to keep it from settling any further.

A foundation repair expert from Ram Jack New England would be happy to answer any question you have about bowed wall repair or chimney repair.

We can handle the following chimney repair services:

  • Depending on the size and weight of the chimney, two (2) or more steel chair brackets are installed under the chimney’s foundation. Sometimes full recovery is possible and the chimney rotates back against the house.
  • Once the chimney is stabilized we will repair any cracks in the foundation with our CrackShield dual process crack repair system.
  • If the chimney needs to be re-chalked where it meets the house we can also do that with a matching color to match your chimney and house.
  • All tree stumps and debris should be removed and we usually will back fill with the same material making sure to tamp it every foot to compact the soil.
  • We will then grade the soil away from the chimney so that surface water will shed away from the foundation.
  • If any shrubs were temporarily moved we will replant them where they originally were (one of the reasons we take before pictures). We then will spread grass seed and leave you with the job of watering it until it is established.

We attempt recovery only to the point that it won’t cause further structural damage to the home.

Before image of a chimney leaning away from a house. After image of repaired chimney with no lean.

A repair done to your chimney this way can be covered by our Ram Jack Dealer Association Transferable Lifetime Warranty. This is the most complete warranty in the business, even covering your foundation chimney repair if something were to happen to our local Ram Jack franchise. In this case, a nearby Ram Jack Dealer would handle any necessary warranty repairs.

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What Causes a Chimney to Pull Away from a House

Because of the immense weight of chimney masonry, a chimney should be built with its own concrete footing to stabilize it. While it's possible that a leaning chimney indicates a problem with your home's foundation, it is just as likely that the footing specific to the chimney itself has suffered damage.

The first possible cause of a leaning chimney is a poorly designed footing. (Worst case scenario, your chimney does not have its own footing at all.) If a chimney footing is not the right depth or cover enough area, it will be more likely to fail due to the weight of the chimney. Poor quality concrete and problems with rebar are other design issues to consider as well.

Another possible cause of chimney issues would be water entry into the concrete if it's cracked or poorly designed. If the water freezes, this can cause the concrete to break apart.

Just as soil issues can cause foundation damage, soil expansion and contraction from moisture cycles can break apart a chimney footing. Insufficient water drainage may be leading to soil expansion in the wetter months. This kind of damage can happen to other parts of the home as well like the patio or concrete stairs.

REly on our Team of Experts for Chimney FOundation Repair

When fixing a problem like a chimney settling and pulling away from your house, it is important that you think through what company you will hire. You need a team that will fix it correctly and stand behind the repair for the life of the house. Sometimes, when we go to do our repair, it is sad to see the work some have done to try to fix the problem. Many times making it even more difficult than if it were done correctly the first time.

Detecting whether a chimney is leaning or not requires careful observation and assessment. It is crucial to prioritize safety when dealing with a potentially leaning chimney. If you have any immediate concerns or if you suspect significant structural issues, it's best to vacate the area and contact the professionals at Ram Jack New England.

Ram Jack New England is happy to provide our Easy Pay Program so our customers can choose a payment plan that fits their needs.

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