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Foundation Repair Solutions

Ram Jack’s patented helical pile system is engineered to provide foundation support for numerous residential and commercial applications. Each helical pile is twisted deep into the soil with powerful hydraulics to provide massive support. Our helical pile is a 100% American made steel shaft designed with round helical discs allowing the piles to lock up in load-bearing soil. Ram Jack’s Helical piles are ideal applications for residential and commercial foundation repair projects, including pre-construction applications.

Given their ease of installation and powerful load-bearing capacities, Ram Jack’s helical piles can be utilized in a variety of ways to achieve foundation repair success no matter how unique the project. They can also provide a quick, affordable option for lightly loaded projects like porches, slabs and more. In some applications, helical piles can be used to reduce the cost of foundation repair.

Helical piles are ideal for:

Rest assured, when it comes to choosing the most suitable foundation support system for your home, our experienced project managers are dedicated to making the right decision. Every home is unique, and factors such as soil composition, depth, load requirements, and structural conditions play a crucial role in determining whether Driven Piles or Helical Piles are the best fit. Our project managers meticulously evaluate these factors to ensure that your home receives the most effective and appropriate foundation support solution. Your safety and the longevity of your home's foundation are our top priorities, and we take pride in tailoring our methods to meet the specific needs of each customer's property.

Featured Case Studies

Tailor-Made for Your Project Residential

Permanent Foundation Repair for Westmount at Houston Street

The property managers at Westmount at Houston Street knew they needed a permanent resolution to the issues in the building that houses their clubhouse and main offices.

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