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Foundation Repair Solutions

Ram Jack’s patented helical pile system is engineered to provide foundation support for numerous residential and commercial applications. Each helical pile is twisted deep into the soil with powerful hydraulics to provide massive support. Our helical pile is a 100% American made steel shaft designed with round helical discs allowing the piles to lock up in load-bearing soil. Ram Jack’s Helical piles are ideal applications for residential and commercial foundation repair projects, including pre-construction applications.

Given their ease of installation and powerful load-bearing capacities, Ram Jack’s helical piles can be utilized in a variety of ways to achieve foundation repair success no matter how unique the project. They can also provide a quick, affordable option for lightly loaded projects like porches, slabs and more. In some applications, helical piles can be used to reduce the cost of foundation repair.

Helical piles are ideal for:

Featured Case Studies

Tailor-Made for Your Project Residential

Basement Wall Recovery

From 1920-1960, basements were standard in most homes in Reno, Nevada. Not only did they provide ample storage for dry goods, food, and coal, but they also added a layer of protection for structures built on the highly expansive soils.

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