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We Repair, Secure, or Sustain Foundations for Residential, Commercial, and New Construction Applications.

Ram Jack has refined and patented its system of foundation repair over the past 40 years. No matter how unique the settlement issue, Ram Jack can properly evaluate and recommend an affordable and permanent solution. Ram Jack has refined and patented 24 foundation methods using our own system of push piles and helical piles. This dedication to quality and performance ensures that a dependable, scientifically proven foundation support system is available for your failing foundation no matter how unique the problem. Ram Jack’s push piles and helical piles are engineered to last the lifetime of your structure.

Your foundation represents the very health of your home. Rely on the experts...rely on Ram Jack the foundation repair experts.


Residential foundation repair by Ram Jack


Commercial foundation repair by Ram Jack

New Construction

helical piles, helical anchors by Ram Jack


Seawall services, repair seawalls by Ram Jack

Keep your family and home safe. Make an appointment with Ram Jack South Carolina or start by calling (803) 398-5208.

Specially Developed Foundation Repairs Commercial

Uvita Development | Settled Model Home

Known for its uncrowded beaches, ideal location, and the dramatic rainforest scenery of Marino Ballena National park, the up and coming small village of Uvita, Costa Rica is both scenically beautiful and culturally rich.

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