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Signs & Symptoms of Foundation Failure?


Signs of Foundation Failure Inside the House

Signs of foundation failure inside of house- cracks, sloping floors

Sloping floor? Doors won’t open? Interior symptoms of foundation problems include:

  1. Misaligned doors and windows
  2. Cracks in sheetrock or wallboard
  3. Doors or windows won’t open or close
  4. Sloping floors
  5. Cracks in the floor or ceiling

Signs of Foundation Failure Outside the House

Signs of foundation failure outside of house- cracks, spaces around windows and doors

Stair Step cracks in your brick? Chimney cracks?:

  1. Cracks in brick
  2. Gaps around Doors and windows
  3. Foundation cracks
  4. Fascia board pulling away

Signs of Foundation Failure in the Garage

Signs of foundation failure in garage- cracks, separation from door

  1. Wall rotation out
  2. Stair-step cracks in brick

Signs of Foundation Failure in the Basement

Signs of foundation failure in basement- cracks, moisture

  1. Bowing or bulging basement walls
  2. Wall cracks
  3. Leaking basement walls


Signs of Foundation Issues - Cracks, Leaking, Sloping Floors

1. Evaporation

Vents of hot, dry air and intense heat often will cause different soil types to shrink beneath your house's foundation. This house settlement may lead to cracks appearing throughout the structure, such as foundation cracks, sheetrock cracks, cracks in the brick, floor cracks, and stucco cracks.

2. Transpiration

The deep roots of trees may desiccate the soil underneath the house, causing the earth to shrink and the house to settle and opening up foundation, wall, and floor cracks.

3. Plumbing Leaks

Water from leaky pipes is a common cause of uneven soil and the foundation cracks associated with house settlement.

4. Drainage

Poorly designed or faulty drainage systems is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. An increase in moisture can cause soils to deteriorate or consolidate and thereby cause settlement.

5. Inferior Foundation Construction

Undercutting the appropriate amount of steel and relying on inferior concrete will add to movement in a slab and eventually lead to the need for foundation repair.

6. Inferior Ground Preparation

Soft, loamy, and/or poorly compacted soil beneath a structure is the greatest cause of a failing foundation. Your contractor should properly prepare cut and fill situations before the structure is set to be built.

7. Poor Soil Conditions

Poor soil that easily expands and/or contracts contributes to foundation cracks and ultimately foundation failure if not properly treated with a helical pile or other Ram Jack solution.

How soon after noticing symptoms of foundation damage should you call professionals?

As soon as you notice symptoms of foundation damage in your home, it's advisable to call for a professional inspection or estimate promptly. The sooner you address foundation issues, the better, as early intervention can prevent further damage and potentially reduce repair costs. Even minor symptoms like small cracks or sticking doors can be early warning signs, and having a professional assess the situation can provide valuable insights and recommendations for timely repairs.

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