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Columbia Commercial Foundation Repair


Ram Jack repairs foundations on:

  • Multifamily Housing
  • Warehouses
  • Strip Shopping Centers
  • Office complexes
  • Churches
  • Industrial Facilities

Through the years, Ram Jack has repaired all types of commercial foundation problems, enabling it to become the leader in the commercial foundation repair industry. Ram Jack leads the industry in nationwide commercial foundation repair, and engineers appreciate the proficiency of our patented helical pile system. Our patented procedures for installing deep-driven steel piles allow us to design underpinning solutions for the most difficult circumstances.

If you are an engineer looking for product specifications and engineering manuals, please see our Engineering section.


commercial foundation repair commercial foundation repair commercial foundation repair

SITUATION: Glencairn Gardens is a beautiful park operated by the city of Rock Hill, SC, and is a popular attraction among residents and visitors. The soil on each side of the creek at the park was not capable of supporting the loads required to handle a bridge servicing vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Leitner Construction Company contracted with Ram Jack to install helical piers to support the abutments for the bridge.

SOLUTION: Ram Jack installed helical piers for the bridge abutments, and the concrete construction commenced immediately afterwards. The initial design detailed micropiles, but the contractor reported the helical pier alternative was much more cost effective and was installed quickly with no mess left behind.

CONCLUSION: The helical pilings were driven in quickly and neatly, allowing subsequent construction to resume immediately. Ram Jack helical piers were installed in a short time and proved a cost-effective solution.


commercial foundation repair commercial foundation repair commercial foundation repair

SITUATION: The Moncrief Army Community Hospital at Fort Jackson had a bottom level slab on grade that was failing. This slab had been placed over at least 20 feet of fill material that was not compacted properly during construction. The Army Corps of Engineers decided to construct a basement level below this level and needed to ensure the support columns, walls, and floor would not settle again in the future.

SOLUTION: Ram Jack of SC installed helical pilings to very strict design tolerances to ensure the subsequent construction of the basement level and reconstruction of the existing first level did not fail in the future. Half of the piers installed were battered at a 30-degree angle for lateral stability. Custom-made guide sleeves were designed to further enhance lateral stability due to the soil conditions.

CONCLUSION: The installation of the piers for this project was closely monitored and tested. All requirements were met in a timely manner and both the US Corps of Engineers and the observing engineering company expressed satisfaction with the project’s outcome.


commercial foundation repair commercial foundation repair

SITUATION: The Jasper County Court House was undergoing an extensive renovation and additions to the back side of the building. The area of the additions called for the footings of the old building to be undermined to construct the footings for the additions. This activity would jeopardize the stability of the original building.

SOLUTION: Ram Jack of SC installed helical pilings on each side of the foundation of the existing building to support it while the footings of the additions were being constructed.

CONCLUSION: The court house was successfully underpinned with the Ram Jack system, and no movement or settlement occurred in the building while it was supported on the helical pilings and foundation brackets.

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