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Crawl Space Repairs in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

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The condition of your home’s crawl space is critical for the overall integrity of your house. When a crawl space becomes damaged in a disaster or due to the passage of time, it can start to sag, crumble, and break apart the foundation. In other words, a weakened crawl space could take your entire home down without much warning!

When you need crawl space repairs that can’t wait – and none of them can wait for long – you need Ram Jack New England. We are the industry leader when it comes to comprehensive and durable crawl space repairs. Using our patented methods and technologies, we can repair your crawl space or bowing walls unlike any of our competitors.

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Warning Signs of Crawl Space Damage

There are times when crawl space damage is immediately noticeable, such as when a collapse on the ground floor of your home starts to form. However, if you can easily notice crawl space damage, then it might already be too late to take preventative measures.

To keep things from ever getting that bad, you should look for the first signs of crawl space damage. If you notice it early, then we can come to your home and make minor repairs and adjustments. You can also schedule a crawl space inspection to let our professionally trained team members look for and identify warning signs for you.

Signs that your crawl space might be experiencing damage are:

  • Sagging or sloping floors: If you have noticed a sag or slope to your home’s floors on the ground level, then there is likely something wrong with the crawl space beneath. Use a carpenter’s level to test the floor if the sloping or sagging is subtle. The bubble should remain in the center of the level.
  • Visible foundation cracks: The foundation under your home may be visible in certain parts of your property, such as your side lawn where grass has not been planted. Check it for any cracks, gaps, and growing seams. If the foundation is damaged or moving, then the crawl space might be, too.
  • Damaged crawl space insulation: When the insulation in a crawl space becomes damaged, it is usually a sign of a larger, underlining problem, like a forming crawl space collapse. Signs that your crawl space insulation is damaged include chilled floors in the winter, high indoor humidity, and the smell of mold or mustiness throughout your home.
  • Infestation: You also likely have a crawl space problem if your home has become infested with rodents, cockroaches, and other pests. Invasive species tend to create their homes in the crawl space, where it is easy to retreat at the first sign of danger. An intact crawl space should keep them out, though.

Reasons Why Crawl Spaces Become Damaged

Your home’s crawl space should have been built to last. However, not every new home construction project is completed perfectly, and there may be construction defects that are contributing to your home’s crawl space damage. Naturally occurring problems that are difficult to predict could also be a cause.

two driven piles being installed in a crawlspace

Three of the most common causes of crawl space damage are:

  • Shifting foundation soils: The foundation of your home is placed atop densely packed and carefully leveled soil, which acts somewhat like the foundation of the foundation. Natural subterranean shifts can cause the packed soil to move or loosen. With too much soil movement, the foundation can start to move as well, ultimately putting pressure on and damaging your crawl space.
  • Poor column construction: If your home was constructed atop pier columns, then your crawl space damage could be originating from a defect in those columns’ placement. Improperly spaced columns fail to evenly distribute the weight of your home, gradually causing a segment of your crawl space to break.
  • Trapped moisture: Excess moisture in your crawl space is a problem to take seriously. Moisture can cause the wood to rot and the metal to rust as years go by, weakening the entire structure. Trapped moisture can also create mold and mildew growth throughout your home, causing a myriad of health problems and allergies.

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How Is Water Entering My Crawl Space?

Moisture is likely getting into your crawlspace from condensation, a plumbing problem, poor grading, or cracks in the foundation. Condensation forms when humid air touches cold surfaces like pipes or walls. Broken pipes or plumbing leaks are another common source. Poor grading around the home allows water to collect around foundation walls. The pressure may cause cracks to occur.

Responsive & Affordable Crawl Space Repair Services

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