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Wellesley Foundation Repair Contractors

Fortifying Homes & Businesses

Are you sure your home or commercial space is secure? We’re not talking about physical security (i.e., ensuring you have a state-of-the-art security system). We want to know if your foundation and structural components can stand up against age, weather, soil, etc.

If you’re unsure, it’s probably time to consult Ram Jack New England, your local foundation repair company in Wellesley. Our team is committed to your family’s safety and your property’s stabilization. We offer comprehensive and competitively priced foundation repair solutions that fortify your home or business.

We offer the following structural and foundation repair services:

  • Driven piles system
  • Pier and beam support
  • Helical piers system
  • Concrete lifting and repair
  • Foundation repair

You can always look to our Wellesley foundation repair contractors to recommend these and other solutions to repair cracks, sloping, misalignments, and more. At Ram Jack, you have effective and durable options that help increase home value, strengthen the foundation, and give you complete peace of mind.

How Long Does a Foundation Usually Last?

Do you have a long concrete crack down your driveway? Are you worried that this is a sign that your foundation is reaching its expiration date? This notion is highly unlikely if you live in a newly constructed property. Unless, however, you hired an inexperienced contractor or decided to try your hand at DIY slab installation.

The average lifespan for a well-built foundation may shock you. You can get as long as 400-500 years of use out of your foundation, bearing it was installed correctly. If you made the unfortunate mistake of allowing someone unauthorized to install the foundation, you might find yourself having to repair and replace it after about 25 years.

We always recommend hiring a licensed and certified foundation repair and installation contractor to assess and address any structural problems you suspect. Otherwise, long-term issues may be in your future.

3 Common Warning Signs Something is Wrong with Your Foundation

Like other vital systems that help maintain a functional property, your foundation will show signs of a problem. If you’re unfamiliar with specific indicators that you’re in danger of a serious foundation issue, our Wellesley repair contractors are here to identify three common signs of a failing foundation.

1. Cracks in Floors

Have you watched a crack in your floor progressively get larger over time? This is a warning sign of a potentially significant foundation issue. That said, you may also have non-structural cracks due to the concrete shrinking during the curing process. Regardless of the cause of your cracked floors, Ram Jack can get to the bottom of it.

2. Soil Erosion

When your landscape boards a body of water, your soil may start pitching around your foundation, this may be a sign that you have persistent soil erosion. We can install or repair seawalls to protect your soil and eliminate foundation problems.

3. Misaligned Door and Window Frames

As your foundation settles over time, you may have minor door and window adjustments but nothing too severe. When experiencing a significant structural and foundation issue, your windows and doors may be so misaligned that you can barely close or open them anymore.

When you trust our contractors to assist you in repairing your foundation or resolving a structural problem, you can guarantee an on-site evaluation, affordable options, and effective solutions that permanently strengthen your property.

Let us handle almost any foundation repairs for your Wellesley property. Request service or call (508) 232-4676 for more information.