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Before a building is constructed, two things are required—a strong foundation and appropriate soil for the foundation to stand on. Without a foundation, a building can become uneven and eventually collapse; without proper soil, a building can shift and crack under pressure. Even with a strong foundation and good soil, however, the foundation can still become damaged.

If you notice cracks in the drywall, flooring, or bricks, or gaps in door frames, or misaligned doors and windows, you might need foundation repair. If you suspect foundation damage or notice signs of trouble, Ram Jack New England is here to help. Our technicians are trained to inspect for possible causes of damage, and know how to conduct repairs for those problems.

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Foundation Services

Foundation is important because it provides stability to a building; the foundation holds together the building’s weight and protects it from natural disturbances like earthquakes. There are multiple types of foundation, but some of the common include:

  • Basement foundations – Walls and pillars constructed from cement to create support, also provides rooms under the home
  • Slabs – Four-to-eight-inch-thick chunk of concrete underneath a building to sustain it—also the most common form of foundation for homes
  • Crawlspace – A compilation of pillars three-to-four feet deep to support the building—doesn’t have walls and is open, unlike the basement foundation

Which foundation you chose depends on your needs, as well as the ground and soil. For example, slab foundations are more popular in warm climates because they don’t draw heat like basement foundations, which are more popular in cold climates.

What all foundation types have in common is the soil; a strong soil is necessary because clay can crack, silt can expand, and sand can lose friction from moisture. This makes clay, silt, and sand poor choices for soil under a foundation, but a combination of all three, called loam, is ideal because it’s balanced. Failure to understand soil conditions can result in a failing foundation.

Foundation Repair Contractors

Foundation Repair Contractors

One of the most common reasons a foundation fails is from poor setup and execution; not preparing the soil, incorrectly setting up the drainage system, or using the wrong steel can all result in a failing foundation. Ram Jack New England specialists are trained to identify the problems with a foundation and what steps we need to take to address them. Once we know why the foundation is failing, there are a few options for repairing it:

  • Slab brackets – Concrete brackets provide support for slab foundations, so they remain anchored to the soil
  • Helical pile system – Steel shafts with spiral plates are drilled into the ground to act as anchors around foundations—great for weak soils or light foundations like a deck
  • Deep-driven steel pile system – When soil is available deeper underground than the soil on the surface, this system lets us drill deep enough to the solid soil

We also provide foundation solutions for other problems like leaning chimneys, basement wall damage, and uneven concrete slabs.

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New England Educational Seminars

Ram Jack New England loves giving back to the community and helping other businesses better understand the importance of our work. We now offer seminars in New England to educate professionals on how they can take advantage of our systems, complete with breakfast or lunch (depending on the time of the seminar).

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