Foundation Inspection

foundation inspection in San Antonio

Simply looking at the immediate area around a crack will not give you an accurate picture of the underlying cause of the damage. And while we have a handy guide to what causes certain kinds of cracks, it’s always best to contact a professional to inspect your home and perform a thorough foundation inspection.

Foundation Inspection Checklist

When a technician comes to your home, you should expect him or her to collect a large amount of data. An expert San Antonio foundation repair specialist will discuss your areas of concern and perform an checklist evaluation both inside and outside your home to get a full picture of the underlying issues concerning your foundation failure.

What to expect from a foundation inspection:

  • Thoroughness. A foundation inspection should be performed on site and will take about two hours for the average home.
  • Professionalism. Foundation specialists are trained to recognize and understand the issues surrounding foundation failure.
  • A full home elevation profile—inside and outside. This can be performed using several different types of tools, including an electronic Zip Level — this works under the same principle of the age-old “water level.”
  • A scale drawing of your home. The technician should also make a scale drawing of the home, marking the visible obstructions and utilities. If not all of them are marked, don’t worry — excavations are generally done by hand, so major lines will be detected before damage occurs.
  • Indications of the location of cracks and other areas of concern. The evaluation and service plan should include where cracks are located.
  • Service plan. Your service plan should include a course of action to remediate problem areas discovered during the foundation inspection. Save & Approve
  • Repair outline. The type of piles necessary for repair and safety of your home as well as where those piles will be placed should be indicated on the plan.
  • List of expectations. A trustworthy foundation repair specialist will explain what to expect—and what not to expect—from foundation repair on your home.
  • Estimated cost for services. The foundation inspection specialist should provide an estimated cost for services.

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