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Driven Piles in San Antonio

Remediation Services & Driven Pile Installation

The right solution for a foundation depends on soil and structure conditions. Remediation or retrofit work may benefit from the use of driven piles, or push piers, made of steel.

Quality First Steel Piles for Remediation

Our proven, patented solutions provide peace of mind from the ground up: from design to manufacturing to installation.

Our in-house engineers may design a custom solution for particular needs. Custom designs are manufactured at our facility. This ensures quality control from start to finish. Our ISO9001:2008 certification indicates our commitment to strategic performance. We strive for quality alongside providing better products and customer service.

Our systems have been evaluated via ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) Evaluation Report (ESR- 1854) issued in February 2011. These reviewed our Ram Jack® Foundation Systems: our hydraulically driven system, as well as our helical pile systems. This review (and the individual components) provides detailed specifications, capacities, and installation details.

How Driven Piles are Installed for Remediation

Our driven piles are prepped by placing a steel bracket beneath the foundation of an existing structure. Two hydraulic cylinders press the piles into the ground. These react against the load of the structure. We attain sufficient load-bearing surface by adding extensions to the pile. This effectively creates an instant pile ready to be loaded immediately after installation.

Video of driven piles in action:

Some jobs require uniform and/or incremental lifting of the structure. For these, the lift can be done in a manifold system. Several hydraulic cylinders are connected. These lift each pile as-needed, independently from the others. But they are available to lift simultaneously if needed.

Driven Piles FAQs

Are you ISO certified?

Yes! We are ISO9001:2008 certified.

Where can I read your specifications?

Our ICC Report can be read at the ICC-ES site.

Are your products American-made?

Yes. Ram Jack uses only new American-made steel in production.

What are different uses for your driven piles?

Examples of driven pile applications:
  1. Residential homes with foundation damage / cracks
  2. Commercial properties, such as apartment complexes and restaurants
  3. Pipelines
  4. Embankments
  5. Retaining Walls
  6. Bridges
  7. Water mains
  8. Swimming pools

When is it better to use helical piles instead of driven piles?

When there’s no existing structure to react against, we opt for helical piles – find out more about helical piles.

Do you offer a variety of different sizes?

Yes! At Ram Jack, we manufacture a wide array of steel pile sizes to accommodate most any application

List of Unique System Features on Ram Jack Driven Piles

Make an appointment with Ram Jack Texas - Central/South to learn about driven pile installation or other services. Start by calling (210) 970-7115.

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