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Foundation Issue
House Lifting & Raising
House Lifting & House RaisingExplained

Ram Jack offers safe and cost-effective house lifting services, utilizing customized elevation techniques and foundation systems. Our non-invasive approach minimizes risks associated with traditional lifting and ensures peace of mind for homeowners.

Why You Should Repair It Now?

Acting promptly to lift a home is crucial when low-lying areas expose it to water damage. Ram Jack offers safe and cost-effective techniques to raise homes, ensuring protection against erosion and water damage, especially for homes on timber pilings.

Safe & Cost-Effective House Lifting: Ram Jack's Expert Services

  • Safe lifting
  • Cost-effective
  • Protection against damage
  • Expert services
A house being lifted using hydraulic jacks. A raised house on temporary supports during a house lifting project.
Foundation Issue

Guaranteed Reliability

At local franchises, customer satisfaction takes top priority, and they demonstrate this by offering lifetime limited warranty coverage. They go the extra mile to provide customers peace of mind by installing steel piles specifically designed to remain stable. If you have concerns about foundation movement, our dedicated dealers will promptly inspect, adjust, or replace a pile and its associated bracket as necessary. Moreover, they will thoroughly assess your property for any signs of soil movement beyond their previous work.

Ram Jack Warranty

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Safeguard Your Home with Our Trusted Foundation Repair Specialists

If it's found that your home sits at a critical low point on your property where water can collect and damage your foundation, then action needs to be taken to remedy this sloping issue. Grading a yard is one solution but, in some cases, lifting and raising a home is the most effective way to keep a house dry and protected against significant erosion and water damage.

Ram Jack® can raise homes, both safely and economically, using a variety of proven elevation techniques and foundation systems customized to each job. This process is ideally suited for homes on existing timber pilings that are in good condition, where the home is now too low per revised flood maps, or by local ordinance. Our Sandy Bracket helical system can be used to elevate homes and provide homeowners peace of mind.

*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

Our Proven Lifting & Raising Solutions:

Ram Jack’s method of lifting homes is far less invasive than a traditional lift because the home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved off of its existing footprint; therefore, risks associated with traditional lifting and moving a home are greatly reduced.

Some of the other benefits of our method are:

  • Homeowners are not required to vacate their homes for months in advance or for weeks afterward. Where local officials and utilities are cooperative, homeowners only need to vacate one to two weeks rather than months.

  • The process is a “Sustainable Solution” because no new timber resources are used—existing ones are simply “recycled” to a new height.

  • Our Sandy Bracket helical system offers a secure foundation, especially when connected with a grade beam. This offers greater “sway mitigation” and peace-of-mind on windy days, compared to homes elevated on timber pilings.

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Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

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