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Foundation Inspection in San Antonio

Simply looking at the immediate area around a crack will not give you an accurate picture of the underlying cause of the damage. We do recommend this guide to what causes certain kinds of cracks. But it’s always best to contact a professional to inspect your San Antonio home and perform a thorough foundation inspection.

Foundation Inspection Checklist

When a technician comes to your home, you should expect him or her to collect a large amount of data. An expert San Antonio foundation inspection specialist will perform an checklist evaluation. This will take place both inside and outside your home to get a full picture of the underlying issues. We use these observations to piece together your foundation failure or crawlspace problem.

What to Expect From a Foundation Inspection:

  • Thoroughness. A foundation inspection should be performed on site. It will take about two hours for the average home.
  • Professionalism. Foundation specialists are trained to recognize and understand the issues surrounding foundation failure.
  • A full home elevation profile—inside and outside. This can be performed using several different types of tools. We may use an electronic Zip Level. This works under the same principle of the age-old “water level.”
  • A scale drawing of your home. The San Antonio furnace inspection technician should also make a scale drawing of the home. They will mark the visible obstructions and utilities. If not all of them are marked, don’t worry. Excavations are generally done by hand. This means major lines will be detected before damage occurs.
  • Indications of the location of cracks and other areas of concern. The evaluation and service plan should include where cracks are located.
  • Service plan. Your service plan should include a course of action to remediate problem areas. This is based on what was discovered during the foundation inspection. Save & Approve
  • Repair outline. The type of piles necessary for repair and safety of your home should be indicated on the plan. Where those piles will be placed should be clearly marked.
  • List of expectations. A trustworthy foundation repair specialist will explain what to expect. We will also explain what not to expect from foundation repair on your home.
  • Estimated cost for services. The San Antonio foundation inspection specialist should provide an estimated cost for services.

Estimates from Ram Jack Texas - Central/South are FREE* to homeowners and there are no-obligations. Don’t wait – call us today for a foundation inspection in San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, or beyond!

*Real estate transactions or evaluations requiring engineering may incur a fee.

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