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After years of living in Chicago’s wet climate, it’s probably not surprising when you notice dark, damp spots on your wall or additional cracks near your foundation. When you smell a musty odor in the basement, it’s a sign that you need to call Safeguard Waterproofing for a free inspection. We perform our basement waterproofing service for Chicago and Arlington Heights area homes just like yours, and we often see damages you won’t.

Here’s how to know if your basement is a good candidate for waterproofing:

  • Your basement floods frequently (if not every spring).
  • You start to see cracks in your wall or on your home’s exterior.
  • Your basement windows and doors won’t open/close properly.
  • You see moldy areas or smell musty smells when you go to the basement.
  • Your carpet feels damp underfoot most of the time.
  • Some electrical outlets or fixtures don’t work properly.

Even if you’ve been lucky to avoid water damage thus far, you may know someone in your area who hasn’t been as lucky. It’s time to know for sure by calling Safeguard Waterproofing.


Basement flooding in the Chicago area can be caused by various factors, including heavy rainfall, poor drainage, or hydrostatic pressure from groundwater. Signs indicating the need for basement waterproofing include water seepage through walls or floors, musty odors, visible cracks, or efflorescence (white, chalky deposits). If you notice any of these issues, it's essential to consider basement waterproofing to prevent further damage and protect your property.

At our Chicago location, customer satisfaction takes top priority, and we demonstrate this by offering lifetime limited warranty coverage. we go the extra mile to provide customers peace of mind by installing steel piles specifically designed to remain stable. If you have concerns about foundation movement, our dedicated dealers will promptly inspect, adjust, or replace a pile and its associated bracket as necessary. Moreover, we will thoroughly assess your property for any signs of soil movement beyond their previous work.
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If you’re tired of worrying about your basement, foundation, or crawlspace, you don’t need to do so any longer. Here’s what you can expect from our Chicago area waterproofing services:

  • Comprehensive waterproofing (protects you from future damages)
  • Drain tile installation that prevents seepage (interior and/or exterior)
  • Sump pump installation and battery backup systems (will keep you dry)
  • Yard drainage (prevents damage from soggy ground)
  • Foundation repairs (keeps water from seeping inside)

With careful basement waterproofing services, your Chicago, IL area home stays dry and protected when storms rage and floods come. Don’t wait. Get a free inspection today for better peace of mind tomorrow.

Water Trek Aqua Route

The Water Trek Aqua Route Waterproofing system is simply the most effective system on the market – bar none!

Top 5 Reasons to Use Water Trek Aqua Route:

  1. Less expensive than typical waterproofing systems

  2. Less invasive than typical waterproofing systems

  3. Clog resistant sits on top of the footing not down in the mud

  4. A unique patented system that can be custom tailored to each home

  5. Carries a lifetime transferable warranty

Interior Crack Repairs

There are several ways to try and fix a foundation crack from the inside, but not all interior crack repairs are the same!

Let us explain:

  • Surface patching almost never works due to continued wall movement the patch opens backup.

  • Bleeder tubes simply drain the water to under the floor which is not a good idea because water is erosive and this will probably cause larger problems in the future.

  • When a contract states resin injection, make sure you ask which resin because other contractors use the least expensive alternative.

  • Urethane is a form of resin that swells to fill voids, but despite the fact that it is water resistant, it does not bond the wall back together, and it is much less expensive for the contractor to use.

  • Epoxy is another form of resin but is much stronger than urethane and helps bond the broken wall to give a permanent quality repair.

Demand epoxy injections for a permanent repair! At Safeguard Waterproofing we almost always use straight epoxy.

The crack is professionally cleaned.

Surface ports are installed and rapid set material is applied over repair area.

Epoxy is injected throughout crack.

Finished repair lifetime warranty!

Exterior Crack Repairs

Not all exterior crack repairs are the same! There are a few different ways to fix a crack from the outside.

At Safeguard Waterproofing we only fix them one way: the right way, the permanent way!

Step 1: Post hole digging is simply not a great idea. There is no way of knowing that you have sealed the entire crack.

Step 2: The old magic wand—trying to shoot a slurry into the ground—is simply hocus-pocus!

Step 3: Tar and a plastic sheet. Do you really want a plastic sheet used to keep water out of your basement?

Step 4: Dig down to the footing and apply the 4-step process is a sure-fire way of doing a permanent repair.

Inspect and locate the crack.

Dig down to footing and expose the crack.

Clean the crack and apply shrink mortar.

Apply HLM 5000 modified urethane sealant and Mirafi membrane

Apply Mari-Drain backer board

Back fill the hole with a bentonite concentrate and leave the earth mounded for future natural settlement.

Wall Systems

Interior Wall Liners

Clean shield wall liner:

The Clean Shield 90 Mil Liner is a state-of-the-art crawlspace and basement wall liner designed to stop the infiltration of moisture and soil gases with ultimate durability in mind. One side of the liner is aluminized to diffuse soil gases like radon and reflect heat into the basement, therefore reducing energy costs. The other side is a heavy duty polyethylene that gives the liner strength. Each layer is separated by closed cell foam to aid with insulation. When all the components are laminated together, it forms the thickest zero perm basement liner available today for foundation leak repair.

This is a triple ply, extrusion coated, virgin polyethylene membrane. The Clean Shield is designed to yield the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any product of its kind. It will help reduce/prevent the transmission of moisture and moisture vapors through your basement walls while providing a semi-finished look.

  • Zero Perm to help prevent mold causing moisture through basement walls
  • 90 mil thick for maximum durability
  • Aluminized to reflect heat back into the basement and diffuse soil gases like radon
  • The antimicrobial materials will not rot or support mold growth
  • Class A fire rated
  • Shown here with Wall I-Beams for foundation Stabilization, a new energy efficient vinyl widow, window shell, and an interior drain tile system.

Cut finishing costs and waterproof at the same time! The panels attach directly to your foundation walls, providing a clean fresh look to your basement while helping to control moisture and moisture vapors through your basement walls.

Thermal Insulated Wall Membrane

The Thermal Insulated membrane is an excellent option for customers who need insulation in their crawlspace / basement. It has two-layers of air bubbles sandwiched between one layer of white polyethylene and one layer of aluminum. With a R-value of 5.0, this liner insulates the crawlspace / basement while also sealing out moisture and soil gases. Not only does the Thermal Insulated Wall provide R-5 insulation, the aluminum layer provides radiant heat. When installed with the aluminum side facing into the basement, the aluminum reflects heat back which can reduce energy costs.

This state of the art insulation/waterproofing blanket has a built in radiant barrier and is certified by ENERGY STAR to achieve up to R 16.8. This helps reduce energy costs and control moisture and moisture vapors through your basement walls, getting them ready for finishing.

  • R-value of 5.0 on foundation walls - Reduces energy costs.
  • Seals out moisture and moisture vapors which can lead to mold. And soil gases like radon.
  • An ideal liner for walls when insulation is a priority.
  • Helps create a healthy home.
  • Protects building products from rot and decay.

FOAMULAR® 150 Rigid Foam Insulation

Product Applications

High-performance FOAMULAR 150 works to

  • Retard the transmission of water vapor and moisture in masonry walls, helping prevent structural damage.
  • Provide insulation in a metal or wood furring system used for masonry or concrete walls.
  • Perform below grade in perimeter and foundation applications to complement the insulating sheathing envelope around the building framing.

Resistant to common soils and decay, Owens Corning FOAMULAR retains its insulating performance characteristics even after prolonged exposure to moisture.

Owens Corning FOAMULAR 150 extruded polystyrene insulation is ideal for wall furring, perimeter/foundation, cavity wall, crawl-space, pre-cast concrete, under slab, sheathing and other applications. Owens Corning Patented Hydrovac® process technology makes the unique closed-cell structure of FOAMULAR insulation highly resistant to moisture, retaining its long term R-value* year after year - even following prolonged exposure to water leakage, humidity, condensation, groundwater and freeze/thaw cycling.

Performance Benefits:

  • High R-value (R-5 per inch of product thickness).*
  • Compressive strength of 15 psi
  • Effective resistance against moisture, mildew, corrosion and rot.

Exterior Wall Membrane

A guy prepping the seal

The job site is prepared for the Dig to repair and seal the wall.

Big trench along the side of the house

The wall is professionally cleaned and any flaws are addressed.

Guy with a bucket

HLM 5000 Modified Urethane sealant is applied to the wall.

Workers working in the trench

Mirafi self-sealing membrane is then attached to the wall.

Mesh supporting the dirt

Mari-Drain backer board is then installed over the membrane.

Top view of filled in trench

The job site is then backfilled to grade and all debris is taken away.

Over the Top

Over the Top occurs when the top of your foundation is buried below grade. Some examples would be when landscaping is too high, and when concrete sidewalks are poured up to the building, leaving no space between the two.

Above you will notice landscaping, earth, and a sidewalk all built up over the top of the foundation. All prime examples of eventual consequences of water leaking into your basement.
Safeguard will water test your property to verify the below grade spill over, as you can see from the photos above. (Water stains running down the wall).
Safeguard can remove any concrete or landscaping and will dig a trench to expose the area of your foundation that is buried below grade level. We then seal the wall with HLM 5000 modified urethane sealant and Mirafi peel and stick membrane. We install our drainage piping and fabric.
Safeguard then backfills the trench with washed stone, and re-cements where needed. Then we install a discharge line to move the water to the specified location.

Safeguard hooks up the discharge line per city or village codes. Then we remove all debris from the area. Safeguard solves your over the top-below grade water problem.

When to Install a Sump Pump

For many homes that already experience flooding, a basement sump pump is a necessary solution. For homes that have not experienced flooding, it is still a smart investment in areas like Chicago where rainfall and snow is a regular occurrence.

If any of the following are true of your home, then it is probably time to get a sump pump professionally installed.

  • Your basement has already experienced flooding

  • You are located on a flat plot of land or in a low-lying area

  • Your home is built on poorly draining soil

  • Strong rains and snowfall tend to cause flooding in your area

  • Your submersible sump pump is over 10 years old

  • Your pedestal sump pump is over 25 years old.

A sump pump is a great solution for basement waterproofing in Chicago. It is a kind of insurance to protect your home and basement from worse case scenarios. It also provides peace of mind during the rainy parts of the year.

Battery Backups

All Sump Pumps Can Fail

Storms, power outages, and unforeseen mechanical failure can all cause sump pump failure.

Don’t think you need a backup system?

We recommend all Safeguard Waterproofing customers plan for the unforeseen.

Storm Pro


  • Battery powered sump pump for power outages

  • Backup pump to your primary sump pump

  • Automatic start-up

  • Self-charging

  • Indicating lights on charger

  • Built in alarm system

  • 12 volt pump

  • 10 amp battery charger

  • Float switch

 5 Feet10 Feet
Gallons Per Hour3,7003,000
Battery Life (105 Amp Hour Battery)910
Total Gallons Pumped33,30027,000


Sump Pro

Performance data based on two 120 Amo hour U.L. Recognized Lead Acid Type batteries used in conjunction with pumps of the published horsepower ratings. All equipment in optimum condition. Endurance may vary depending on the products used.


Waterproofing Accessories

Flood caps

Flood check hoses:

Traditional washing machine hoses may seem strong, but hot water can cause the rubber to become brittle and fail. Flood Check hoses start out with the same rubber tubing, but they add two braided rayon reinforcement, a .012″-gauge rubber jacket and a .063″-gauge rubber cover. And since most floods start at the coupling, Flood Check hoses are machined from non-corroding solid brass.

Water heater

Tank pro:

Hot water tanks can “let go” every 5-10 years. When this happens, the water damage can be devastating. The entire basement gets flooded ruining all your contents. Tank Pro is a patented water tank protector. Designed to contain the water and drain it into your sub system. Hot water tanks, water purifiers, washing machines, etc. can all be protected. Protect your basement from unexpected hot water tank breaks.

Pipe column wraps

Pipe column wraps:

Pipe column wraps is a patented product designed to cover any hard pole type object for safety or cosmetic purposes, perfect for any basement finishing project.

This material is factory molded and layered with an impregnated nylon barrier which gives it its strength, capable of withstanding up to 300 lbs. of pressure per layer.

Hot floor diagram

Hot floor:

The Hot Floor is specially insulated padded barrier installed on top of your concrete basement floor and under the plywood and carpet. It’s unique because it actually gives you the warmth and comfortable feeling of a hot floor similar to the top floor of your home. Headroom Height and loss is kept to ¾ to 1″ as opposed to the more costly alternatives that cause as much as 4 ½ to 5″ of headroom.

Window Wells

A man working on the window well


A man still working on the window well


The finished window well with grate

Complete with grate

Well trench


Installation of window well frame


Completed installation of window well

Complete with grate

Learn more about our Chicago, Illinois basement waterproofing company by calling (847) 603-4048 today!

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