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When to Install Drain Tile

Drain tile, also known as a "french drain" is a drainage system that is installed to protect basements and home foundations from water damage. Drain tile is helpful for basements with any of the following issues:

  • The basement is built in an area with poorly draining soil

  • The basement is near a depression where water can collect

  • The basement is exposed to heavy rain or fast snowmelt

Drain tile can be installed on the inside of a basement as well as outside of a home's foundation. The system is often installed during construction but can also be installed after a basement is completed.

Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Safeguard Interior Drain Tile System:

  1. Full lifetime transferable warranties

  2. A permanent solution to your water problems

  3. Installed by our own fully trained crew members

  4. Each system is customized to your home

  5. Join a growing list of over 70,000 satisfied customers who have chosen to use our 31 year old family owned business

Safeguard waterproofing is here yesterday, today & tomorrow for your peace of mind! Learn more about our Drain Tile services by calling (847) 603-4048 today!

Interior Drain Tile

Roofing truck

Our crews arrive in company trucks, and in uniforms.

Green pipe

A trench is dug and a rigid 4″ PVC Pipe is installed with a filter sock when required by code.

Cracked cement

The perimeter of the basement floor is opened up and removed.

Trench fill

The trench is filled with washed stone and the drainage fabric is installed.

Flood damage

Inspection ports are installed to allow for access to the system.

Floor closed with concrete

The floor is closed using concrete mix.

Main water pump

A crock, main pump, battery backup system, and high water alarm are installed.

Sealed pump connection

The crock is sealed and the pumps are connected.

Exterior Drain Tile

The side of a white houseOther side of white house Man fixing deck

When performing an exterior drain tile system any obstacles in the way need to be removed. Some examples are central ac units, decks, and any landscaping in the area around your foundation.

Backhoe diggingThe hole dug White fill

Safeguard will then dig down to the footing of the building exposing the foundation wall. Spoils will be placed on a protective material to help protect the surrounding area.

Pipe leading into houseWorker in red shirt examining house Concrete box

Once the walls are exposed they are professionally cleaned. Safeguard then applies HLM 5000, a modified urethane sealant, to the wall followed by Mirafi self-sealing membrane. Then Mari Drain backer board is placed over the membrane.

More white pipeBasement window Side of hole

Once the wall is completely sealed we install a 4″ rigid PVC drainage pipe with a filter sock. This is surrounded by washed stone and then covered with a landscaping fabric. In the photos below, a window well drain is installed.

Window wellSide of house panels View of house

The window well is reinstalled, removed earth is backfilled to grade and left mounded to allow for future settlement. All debris is removed from the job site and the project is complete, with a full warranty against seepage.

Make an appointment with Safeguard Waterproofing to learn more or start by calling (847) 603-4048 today!

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